Red Cross Fun Run Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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Running is arguably the popular sport these days. Every day we see people jogging and exercising in the streets. We sometimes see people jogging in the ovals of the Cebu City Sports Complex. But whats truly amazing about this sport isnt about the training or the fun, but through the promotion of good health.

Last February 10, 2013, we joined the Red Cross Fun Run. This was only the 2nd time I had ever joined a fun run. like the first it was just as exciting and nerve wrecking. We woke up as early as 4 a.m. and went on to the site where the starting line was, we had stretching and a pre-zumba Work out. It was during the run which really gave me the most excitement. I thought the this time I was going to run out of breath for sure and not finish the race, but through proper posture and proper running techniques I was able to finish the race, maybe not first or close to first, but I sure do feel like I am a winner. The run was very exciting from start til end and I do hope in the future that I can do more fun runs.

Another reason I was very excited to join the fun run was because it was for the benefit of others who couldnt walk, couldnt speak, couldnt eat, and couldnt see. This fun run was not only about the joy we enjoy, but also remembering the lives that are trying to be saved. We remember about the service of the men and women in the Red Cross Foundation and how they save lives of others.

This fun run was really fun. I guess thats why fun runs are called fun runs. Running is a very good form of exercise and I believe that everyone should run. Running is not a sport that is limited to age, but anyone who is still capable of jogging, even if your 100 years old. Running is a sport where lives can be saved. A great man once said better to hurt now through exercise, than to hurt later with cancer.

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