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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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Problem: Increase marketing of Chiropractic Services.

My aim is to bring strategies that will increase the profitability of your practice, while at the same time improving patient satisfaction and results. In the process of achieving these aims, I also seek to improve the publics image of chiropractic care. First Recommendation: To increase profits and public awareness.


Increasing profit is the main goal in any business. To help you increase profits I wish to provide advice in the following areas, as suitable:
¢ debt reduction
¢ retirement planning
¢ overhead reduction
¢ investment strategies
¢ bankruptcy guidance
¢ collection assistance

I feel that by using sound business advice in these areas you will improve your profits marginally. Together we will evaluate what products or services are making you money. We will decide whether other products or services should be promoted in addition or in place of current services. To cite a classic business planning question, Are you making 80 percent of your profits from 20 percent of your offerings? Are you wasting time on products and services that dont return the favor by providing you with profits? Again, together we will find these answers. Why is this recommendation important now?

I feel will that with the current economic situation, now is the time to work at increases your profits to its fullest. Now is not the time to let your business take a down fall.

Priority ranking of the recommendation:

The priority for profits is an important need in business.

I propose that within the next few years your Chiropractic office will increase profits by increasing services and lowering costs. This will be achieved by first looking at business expenses. One seriously important area to examine is staffing. This is typically one of a companys biggest expenses. You need to ask yourself Did you make necessary cuts during the recession or are you still overstaffed? Are you getting your dollars worth from every employee? Make necessary adjustments now. Next, we need to examine your other expenses as well. These expenses include expense accounts to seminars, up to magazine subscriptions. We will go over your entire profit and loss statements for this year. Remember to track everything. Scrutinize your cash flow, profits and trends every week. Whats more, figure out what your companys important numbers are.

Second Recommendation: Increase marketing and public awareness.


I do not recommend door-to-door surveys or other unsuccessful marketing gimmicks. Nor do I support high patient fees or unwarranted patient visits. Instead, I want to custom-tailor solutions to your distinctive needs and goals. Some marketing tools that I recommend you use are questionnaires, patient fact sheets and health concerns hand outs. These items can be posted in your office, made into brochures, newsletters, newspaper articles, and reading material in specific areas of your office like reception area.

Why is this recommendation important now?

In order to make money and have a profit you must advertise. This advertising will increase the public awareness of your business and the services you offer.

Priority ranking of the recommendation:

I feel that this is one of the most important recommendations. Good marketing is the key to great business and success.


I propose that you step up your marketing by using public relations, Web marketing, email newsletters, and other targeted or large outreach. This will be a great way to market your business since you are a small company. How do these recommendations align with the mission statement and vision? Mission Statement: Rantoul Chiropractic Clinic is committed to finding the cause of your symptoms and treating it in the most effective manner possible.

We are also committed to explaining your condition to you in a manner in which you will know and understand what the problem is and what it will take to correct it and to keep it from reoccurring. Vision Statement: Our Vision is to embrace our community and strive together for optimal health through the journey of life. Promoting Excellence and Assuring Quality in Chiropractic Education. We understand the chiropractic profession and appreciate the services, workflow, and barriers that frustrate you and slow you down.


RJF Consulting.

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