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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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Cherns has a lot of sales associates that would be qualified for taking over management positions. But Cherns is currently struggling with turnovers from qualified sales associates because of their current internal promotion system. In order to keep their qualified sales associates, Cherns has to improve their ability to communicate that loyalty and high performances are valued and rewarded within the company, otherwise, employees might switch to different companies that offer them better opportunities.

As in according to Newman, Companies have to do more in order to identify employees that are qualified and confident enough to take over higher positions. If employees are able to nominate themselves for a promotion instead of leaving Cherns for better job opportunities that could have also been provided at Cherns, the company could significantly decrease their turnover rate. But the company should also get more actively involved in informing current employees as well as job applicants about the possibilities for a promotion. Therefore, the company has to identify employees that are interested and qualified in getting a promotion and help them to understand how they can get promoted. As in according to Bowness: If an employee within your organization is looking for a change, dont wait for them to go looking somewhere else. Show them the possibilities you have right within your organization.(Bowness, 2016).

These are recommendations on how to identify current sales associates that have the potential to become managers. A good way to identify potential candidates for management positions are internal assessments. The company is already doing performance reviews of all employees twice a year, by evaluating the sales associates initiative as well as customer service behaviors, co-worker support behaviors, and leadership. Cherns also evaluates each employee based on their performance in relation to their sales targets.

They could use these assessments and performance evaluations to determine which sales associates are most qualified for a promotion. Therefore, Chern could determine the most qualified employees by choosing the sales associates with the highest outcomes on the assessments and the best performances. The chosen sales associates should then be put into training programs, where they would receive training to improve their management skills in order to prepare them for working in a managerial position.

The management should also hold bimonthly meetings with the candidates for additional mentoring. In these meetings, the managers could also determine which candidates performances and skills are improving over time and which are not. This would also help the sale associates to understand which areas they still need to improve in and help them to stay motivated. If they can demonstrate that they improved in their weak areas throughout the meetings and training program and fulfill all of the requirements they can then be put into a database and whenever there is an upcoming managerial position it could be filled with one of the candidates from the database.

Through this special training, the current management would also be able to build a good relationship with the employees. This would make the future manager feel more integrated and appreciated by the management. Therefore, it would make it easier for them to start working in a managerial position as well as it might decrease the current turnover rate.

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