Reasons of K Pop Popularity Among Filipino Teenager Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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The Korean popular music, or the Korean pop or simply k pop is a musical genre consisting of electronic hip hop, pop rock, and R&B music originating in South Korea. Huyhn (2011) defined k pop as for Korean pop music that covers a wide variety of contemporary music including pop, hip hop, and R&B, dance-pop. Bubblegum pop, house, electro pop, and techno. Due to the big wave of success, k pop became so popular not only in South Korea but also to other parts of the world especially here in the Philippines.

Numerous k pop groups like shinee, 4 minute, ft islands, super junior, ukiss, best, kim hyun joong and rain visited the Philippines to perform. In addition, more than two thousand k pop fans gathered for the first ever Philippine k pop convention held in the Philippine international convention center last December 10, 2009 (Alanzalon, 2011). As the idols or the Korean artist has their own groups, fans also their own groups, that the fans make group for talking about their idols, share some information about this artist etc. meaning this groups only showing their love for their idols.

Filipinos most teenagers do like Koreans not only with their popular musics and artist but also the culture. As Neigoff (1994), studied that Koreans are actually and varcially homogeneous people. They have a common language and like the Chinese and the Japanese there are mongoloid descent. Koreans are known as using chopsticks for solid foods rather than spoon and pork. As here in the Philippines the main dish I or the favorite dish is adobo, in Korean their most popular dish is kimchi that is consider as diet typical dishes.

Korean is not closely related I any other modern language, spoken Korean is soft and lifting (Neigoff, 1994). Truly that most Filipino teenage have their in cell Phone, mp3, pc, the songs of Korean. It doesnt matter to them if their pronunciation of the song is not correct, as long as they know the tune of it. Most Filipinos sang the Korean songs without even know what is the meaning of it. Culture Invasion Villoja & Lucceanne (2011) says in a periodical that Korean started entering the music industry more than $ 400,000 just to train and launched a new artist, and to guarantee the probability of their success.

From solo act of taeyang of wedding dress song and boy bands such as super junior and beast, and girl groups as wonder girls that hit the # 1 spot in US billboard hot 100 chart with the single album of nobody, each of them was brought nice songs and dance moves that truly love most Filipinos. Korean brought and keeps (Villoja & Lucceanne, 2011) on bringing not only music but also entertainment at its best doing not just singing but also must to learn dance moves. Popularity of Korea takes by the k pop music and k pop artist, why do Filipinos loves Korean music in spite of the language barrier?

Korean influence Filipinos from hip hop and R&B. As Poole (2012) says in magazine k pop is going to be k hop. Now k hop is getting in on the act like big bang and 2ne1 and others. You can find fans doing dance cover for their favorite k pop stars all around you tube k pop stars hit songs usually have dance moves that are intriguing yet simple inviting viewers to dance along (Zestya, 2011). In Korean music, there are at least few steps that are so catchy that makes fans do move and dance it. Another thing why k pop music is so popular in Philippines is because of the theme song of what in Filipino called koreanovelas.

ABS-CBN and GMA, and other networks, tagalized the movies or teleserye from Korean language to tagalong, is the reason why do Filipinos love it. The music of the koreanovelas or what we called OST is also tagalized, like for example, pagibig na kaya from princess hours, I believe from sassy girl and I think I love you from the teleserye full house. Nowadays, k pop just keeps on hitting the local charts, although tagalized version are not that anymore (Villoja & lucceanne, 2011). Most Filipino teens especially girls do like Korean because of the artist, artist of music, and artist in koreanovelas.

Name people that dont love has various talents? No one. A lot of k pop Idol stars are known as singer an dancer (Zestya, 2011) but also as actress or actor. asa example is Kim hyun joong, first known as a member group F4 in boys over flowers, and also can dance and sing as a member of SS501 but now a solo dancer and singer artist in Korea. Ridiculously Gorgeous Physique I know, were talking about music. Why does the physique of the singer should matter? But lets face it, for every Susan Boyle and Paul Potts around, there are more Justin Bieber and Britney Spears type of successful musician out there.

The same case applies in K-Pop music. Most K-Pop Idol Groups that are well known all around the world consists of handsome boys and pretty girls. Whatever image theyre portraying, whether its cute and sweet or cool and fierce, they seem like they just jumped out of the newest manga series. They look good in black, blonde, brown, and even blue, silver, and even pink hair. In a time where music videos travel around the world in a second, appearance does matter. Especially when youre in a group that consists of 7, 9, or even 13 members and your singing part isnt that much to begin with.

Never mind the fact that some of these idols went under the knife to improve their appearance. Hollywood stars are doing it, so why cant they? (Zestya, 2011). K pop artist are popular In the Philippines of course because of fans. The idolization of Filipino fans to their idol Korean star are exceptionally dedicated. Most Filipino fans are local to their idols, they do like a stalker just to see them, to touch and to say hello to them, only one reply like hi is enough for them that why fans are exceptionally love their Idols. Popular boy band groups

Lets start with super junior, the group is a thirteen member, but this active members are down to nine, the two of them were took in a mandatory military service, the other was took another career. This Korean band was the top Korean group star, each of everyone of them has a good attitudes and one of them is Choi Siwon, that according to other member is almost perfect, he is manly has a great body, kind smart, rich and is devoted Christian, and also good in English skills. Their popular music in the Philippines are like a cute dance moves sorry, sorry a kilig factor song no other and their latest song the superman.

U kiss is another Korean group that visited Philippines twice, first is by endorsing their album, that had been popular in MYX music charts the song bigeul bigeul. The group is composed of 7 members but two of them leave the group for the other career but a newly member way take place of it, ukiss stand for ubiquitous Korean idol super star. Ukiss is different to other male group because their near to the fans, no strict security, free hand shake, free picture taking and also makes fans entertain that can say they truly love their fans. Another group is Ze:a that last January visited Philippines for the debut of their album watch out. he group is also known as children of empire that like super junior they consist of 9 member. Aragona (2012) says in a periodical that , screaming girls of the tween and teen demographic? Check, pounding pop music with mostly indecipherable lyrics? Check, pretty boy with skin so clear that could be endorsers for top skin care branch? Check, said boys sporting hairstyles that defy the laws of Newton? Check. Popular girl groups and artist Wonder girls is the first Korean artist that hit the # 1 spot in US billboard hot chart that is so popular in Philippines, singing in videoke, dancing in everywhere no other song as nobody.

The 2ne1 that makes popular in Philippines because of sandarac park (dara park) that is an artist here in Philippines before she began a member of 2ne1. The girls generation that usually may be the couple of super junior because of common number of members. The girls generation or so nyu shi dae (snsd) in Korea GG, became popular because they are all talented with a nice style of clothing and hair that hit the filipina teenagers. The explosion of Korean pop on local radio, television and the internet is the second wave of hanryu, the so-called Korean wave that started seven or eight years ago with the local TV.

Since then Korean companies have been exporting Korean pop culture even more aggressively (and with more marketing savvy) to Asia and beyond: movies, TV programs, music videos, recordings and live concerts. We used to buy their cars and home appliances, now we also buy their entertainment. (Caruncho, 2010). In conclusion most Filipino teenagers do love k pop because of their nice culture that is truly hooked up the hearts of many Filipinos, not only with the teens but also their parents do love k pop.

It is true that if you are k pop youve never stop as the teens did to their idol stars. (Alanzalon,2011), the study my become the basis of Koreans entertainment companies to recognize the Philippine as a strong potential as a market for their products. The k pop popularity in Philippines is said to be will never stop because majority of tees do love and appreciated it. As I summary therefore I conclude that k pop continue hooked the hearts of many Filipinos until the next generation.

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