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Published: 2020-02-02 17:11:11
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? What was the main point of the written piece? I think the main point of the article is about how to make your business presentation really stand out and catch peoples eye. ? what did each section deal with? Each section dealt with a different stage or step of how to set up and present yourself and your presentation in a professional way that catches your attention. ? What questions did you ask yourself as you were reading? Does this guy know what hes talking about? How does this help me?

Where can I go to find more information about this topic? ? How can you change your note taking skills for the future? I can change my note taking skills for the future by using the SQ3R method. By reviewing course material regularly on the weekends I can keep better notes for my final project at the end of the class cycle. ? What would you do to retain this information for later use? I would make a sticky note on my desktop with the information name on it. During times of boredom I often look to this sticky note for interesting things to do.

Try and apply this information in a conversation with someone. by teaching someone else it will help you to set in stone remember the information ? How might the SQ3R method help you improve your reading comprehension and retention skills? The SQ3R method would help improve my reading comprehension and retention skills by helping adjusting your reading technics to a problem you might have while reading. Example you have a hard time understanding something. By slowing your reading speed you can better understand and break down words.

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