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Published: 2020-04-22 15:27:48
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Dr. Seuss once said; The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn the more places youll go. This is the way on how I can describe Matilda as a reader. Matildas life as a kid has not been easy for her. By the age of three, she started to take good care of herself without any assistance made by her parents. I can say that Matildas parents are somewhat mean; they dont know the real essence of education. They are always thinking of ways (bad) on how to have a life with full of money. Harry believes that education is not the key to success; its by doing bad and making big money. Zinnia agrees to the belief of her husband. I find the movie very interesting, inspiring, and unforgettable. The most interesting part is when Matilda was finally brought to school by her dad, I felt really happy for her. I also did felt the eagerness of Matilda in going to school. She always pleased her parents for her schooling. I find inspiring because at her young age, she was able to appreciate the essence of reading books. And even though without school, she was able to learn many things by her own.

The part where I witnessed her willingness to learn is the unforgettable part. Its true that her parents offer her an easy life where she will not do anything but only to watch TV. But she didnt accept this offer, instead she wants to prove to her parents that learning through books is much interesting than anyone else. She even got to the point that she disrespectfully answered her dad after saying that Matilda was a cheater (in the part that Harry is asking Michael to solve their income that day). There is also a part when Matilda plays trick to his dad whenever he will do something bad like dyeing Harrys hair and putting glue unto his cap. Matilda is a booklover. She is willing to do anything and everything for reading and learning. She doesnt want to be like her parents who grew being a cheater. She is a kind of reader who was able to finish reading all the children books in the library, and was almost finish reading all the references found there. She doesnt choose books to read, but she wants it all to read. She has a fast level of understanding, she has a retentive memory.

And this was proven when Ms. Honey formulates a joke quantity problem; and Matilda was able to answer the question. They were amazed and they thought that Matilda doesnt know anything yet. Matilda proves them wrong. I am so far to the life of Matilda as a reader, we really are so different. Ever since I was child, reading will be the least and last thing that I would want to do; which proves our differences with each other. She likes to read a lot, and I dont want to read. She is fond of reading a large number of pages of book, while Im fond of reading a number of pages. She wants to read books with full of pints, fill of words; while I want to read books which contain a large, colorful pictures, and prints. She appreciates reading, while Im not. In some way, we also have similarities. I read fast and can comprehend it.

I can also feel the emotions present in the texts Im reading. I also imagine myself into that environment which the writer explains. I can also memorize two to three pages of paper full of prints. And knowing this makes me feel so proud and happy. My family allocate budget for reading materials. My father is very supportive and gallant in giving money for educational materials; you wont even hear a word from him. He will do everything just to execute his responsibility being a father to us. No questions can be asked for him in our budget for education, he will and he can give to us for it. We have sets of almanac, number of English and Chinese dictionaries, encyclopedia, magazines, short story books, recipe books, volumes of Chicken Soup books, and many more. Almost 10% of our house is books.

And it only proves that we really have budget for it. Indeed Matilda is one of a kind movie. Its very inspiring and educational. It will help you appreciate and somewhat to like and to love reading books. Watching this movie can help you develop likeness in reading. After watching this movie, you will able to define what reading is all about, and what reading can bring in to your life. Developing my reading skills is not easy, nor not an easy job. Ive been trying hard put reading into my passion, but I guess it wouldnt be ever.

Yes I feel nervous, because my profession needs and requires a lot of reading. I want to be successful teacher to my students. I want them to have a good life because of my teachings. And because of this reason, Ill not stop pursuing myself to read and read. Reading will not be my passion at all. I will not do reading because of myself. I will do reading for my future students, and I will make the movie Matilda an inspiration and a vision while Im developing reading.

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