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Christmas is an important Christian festival. It is celebrated all over the world. It falls on 25th December every year. December 25 is the birthday of Jesus Christ.. Fairs are held and shops set up on this occasion. Before it comes, people decorate their houses, shops, establishments, churches etc.

People in their best clothes attend the special services in Churches. They make Christmas cakes. It is a festival of feasting, rejoicing and giving and receiving gifts.
The festivity begins on the Christmas Eve with carol singing and exchange of visits. It is a weeklong festival.
On the final day there is a mid-night mass, followed by ringing of the bells ushering in the New Year.
Christmas trees are erected and there is a lot of fun and merry-making. The members of a family living at different places join together to celebrate Christmas, 1st January is the New year Day. People exchange greetings and wish a happy New Year to one another. It is a public holiday and government offices etc. are closed.

Christmas is a festival of rejoicing to the Christians all over the world. In the days of British rule all the schools and colleges are closed for fifteen days on the occasion of this festival.

Time flies so fast and Chineses New Year is coming around the corner. Some people are busy at this time. And I am also busy this time because I will be writing all my resolution this year. My resolution this year is to actually keep my resolution. I want to do better than I am now, because I know I can. If all goes well, I can probably have my goal and Id be a happier person. In addition to that, I want to spend more time with my family. I will handle my studies, hobbies and family well. Because the past few years, Ive been very focus in my studies and because of that sometimes I dont have time to have fun with them. And because of that, I want that this year I will be handling well my studies, hobbies and family at the same time. _____________________________________________________________

The New Year is the day that marks the beginning of a new calendar year, and is the day on which the year count of the specific calendar used is incremented. New Year is one of the most universally celebrated festivities around the world, regardless of countries, culture, traditions, or religions. Muslim countries, Chinese communities, Hindu worshipers, all have their own way to observe the holiday. Additionally, midnight mass or media noche is one of the significant New Year traditions in the Philippines. Also, firecrackers are very famous in this place and have a big role in the New Year practice in Philippines. Skies is lit with divers sort of firecrackers which signifies prosperity and happiness all through the year.

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