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Published: 2020-01-14 23:12:51
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To make a questionnaire first of all we need to understand management problem of SBI Bank. For that we need to know Why Customers are dissatisfied?
Research Question:
Now we need to understand where the problem is. Is it that Service Provided by SBI bank is not up to the mark or Staff member are not efficient and effective in their work or communication and after care services are not efficient or product offer by bank is not up to the mark. These are four areas in which management problem needs to be identiefied.This is known as Research Question.

Investigative Question :
Now we have identified problem area so now we need to examine different aspects of particular problem area its is known as investigative question. Eg. Service Provided by SBI is helpful? Service is being provided timely? In Second area of Problem of staff member, we need to Examine that information provided by staff member is easy to understand?? Staff member are Help full?? In third problem area of after care service, we need to examine whether account is Keep up to date or not? Queries are attended promptly??

Measurement Question:
Now we need to convert investigative question in to normal layman language so that person can Understand and can answer properly.

Myself Khushbu Desai. I am T.Y.B.B.A Finance student. I am doing study in B.R.C.M College of Business Administration. I have prepared a Questionnaire for Business Research Project Against Study of Customer Satisfaction for Customers of State Bank of India (SBI), Parle Point Branch.

Please help me to do survey by rating the service that you currently receive from SBI Bank 5 = Excellent 4 = Good 3 = Average 2 = Poor 1 = Very Poor
(Tick the boxes where appropriate)

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