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Published: 2020-02-23 21:20:53
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To study the effect of the environment on different factors and hormones such as with PTSD patients, mirror neurons, and the effect of light on hormone levels Paragraph 2 (Rosenzweig, Bennet, & Diamond 1972) Aim: To test the role of the environment factors on brain plasticity in rats Procedure: The rats were placed in separate groups. One group had an enriched environment with a lot of food and toys. The other group had a deprived environment.

The rats tayed in their groups for about 30 to 60 days Findings: The rats in the group that had the enriched environment had a thicker level of neurons compared to the deprived group of rats Critique: Hard to generalize with humans, small sample size Paragraph 3 (Bremner et al 2003) Aim: To measure the structure and function of the hippocampus in women with or without childhood sexual abuse. Procedure: Thirty three women participated in the study that had or had not suffered abuse.

They were given verbal memory tasks hich were measured with a PET scan. Findings: The women with PTSD and had abuse in the past had a 16% smaller hippocampus compared with the ones without Critique: Gender bias, cultural bias, small sample size Paragraph 4 (Gallese et al 1996) Aim: To see the effects that the environment has on the mirror neurons Procedure: The subject was monkeys, who were first given time to familiarize itself with its environment. It was then given food, and asked to grasp the food.

Findings: After a eriod of 6-8 months, the monkeys could perform at least 80 % of the tasks correctly. Critique: Hard to generalize to humans Paragraph 5 (Rosenthal 1987) Aim: To see the effect of melatonin in the ability to fall asleep Procedure: A group of people with seasonal affective disorder were given light lamps, while the others were not. Findings: Reduced light leads to the form of depression and higher levels of melatonin contribute to seasonal affective disorder Critique: Small sample size, cultural bias. Psychology Essay Outline By Gangul-Gabadage

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