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Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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Company Background

The ABLE TOOLS CORPORATION is a well-known organization that actually operates to be among the pioneer organizations in the field of tool production and distribution. The market o the said corporation remains to be the ones involved in construction activities. In terms of being prepared for emergencies though, the company has less control of the situations that are likely to arise in the future without any notice to the organization which may as well affect the overall operations of the business in their target market.  The memo that follows outlines the different issues that need focus in the process and how are the said issues going to be dealt with by the organization later on.

Possible Issues to Arise

The issue on weak marketing approach that would likely affect the performance of the business within the market that they are serving is indeed a supposed well-treated issue on the part of the marketing and management departments of the organization. The attention that they are likely lacking in this area of concern would absolutely cause the failure of the entire organization once not given the right treatment.

Strategic Goal

Meeting the said challenges in the organizations operations is likely one of the most important goals of the entire business group. However, the question is the strategy that is to be implemented to solve the problem. Obviously, the supposed goal is expected to be focused in increasing the profit of the organization through marketing procedures amidst the increasing competition happening in the market.  The idea is to make a procedure by which an effective marketing strategy implementation could at least handle the challenge of facing the both the new and old competitors in the field. It is indeed challenging enough to handle the external issues concerned within this situation, however, it should be noted that there are also internal elements affecting the same situation that could affect the entire strategy to be used to actually handle the said organizational issues.

Tactical Goals

There are several tactics of approaching the problem. However, to be able to come up with the right process of dealing with the issue, it should be understood how the elements of operation of the issue should be controlled. In this case, marketing procedures and enhancing their audience and market effect would require the involvement of the balancing of fiancs as well as expenses of the proceedings concerned with the said approach. Likely, to understand better, the process to be handled here requires one to have a better understanding of how to handle the cost of marketing while not hurting the profit of the business so much and giving better profit chances at the same time to the organizations operational returns.

Issues and Concerns

Possibly, what need to be addressed in this problem are those that are highly concerned with the creative approaches that the organization is possibly taking. Understandably, such approaches are expected to have a strong impact on the process by which the organization progresses in its own field of industries. The marketing process and the marketing medium to be utilized should be well chosen and created so as to ensure that whatever it is that needs to be balanced in the process would be given attention to within the completion of the planned business disaster recovery plan.

With the said procedure, it is expected that each element in the process would be attended to by the administrational management carefully so as to ensure that the values and the concerns of the business are given the right amount of focus during the process. Balancing the ways by which the said elements are affected directly by the planned solution should be given careful understanding by the administrational personnel handling the said situations in actual applications for the sake of better progress of the entire organization in the market.

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