Problems Brought by the Israeli Palestinian Conflict Essay

Published: 2020-02-18 02:00:07
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The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is an ongoing disagreement over the property rights of either country to a single piece of land. This land or region is called by the Palestinians as Palestine and by the Israelis as the Land of Israel. Through the years, the battle for the rights to the said holy land for both sides has been overdrawn and the effects have been encompassing. Both sides have suffered many losses from the conflict and the problems cropping up from the disagreement are numerous and varied.

            Although the Israeli-Palestinian conflict continues, the simple fact is that both factions are now overcome by unaddressed troubles. It is apparent that the desire to hold rights to the land in question is great for both sides but neither is aware of the consequences of this desire. War goes on with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict but until now, there are a lot of problems without solutions faced by Palestinians.

The Problems

            The main problem faced by Palestinians today is economically-based. First of all, the majority of Palestinians find themselves without the means to attain their basic needs. There is not enough money. There are no adequate clothes. Also, there is little or no medicine at all for certain health issues faced by these individuals.

            The poverty situation in Palestine is now so dire that men have had to result to menial jobs because of an inability to go to school. They are unable to marry as they can not provide the dowry required by the family of the girl. There are those who sell their goods without making a profit just to be able to get by. The average Palestinian now strives to get by with only a $2 per day budget. (Hadid, 2007)

            However, the major contributor to the problems faced by Palestinians today is the instability and corruption in their government. The majority of the funds received by the Palestinian government from international aid have been diverted to aid terrorists and to finance personal expenditures of government officials. This has led to an inability to address the needs of the citizenry.

Most Palestinians are homeless because the government has not taken to build the required infrastructures. Schools have been neglected and so have other public institutions. Approximately  $5 billion of the funds donated to help Palestinians have disappeared without even leaving a trace of improvement or relief to the communities it was sent for. (MediaCritiques, 2004)

Some Solutions

            The problems faced by Palestinians, being economy-based, can be solved in part by the donations and financial aids given by well-off foreign countries and concerned international organizations. Financial aid from foreign countries allows the Palestinian government to work on projects for its citizens that it could not have worked on other wise for lack of public funds. More pressing matters can be addressed by the government once work on relieving poverty has been started.

            However, financial aid from other countries and from international entities will only prove to be a viable solution once corruption in the government has been stopped. It is essential for the development of Palestine that it acquire a stable and focused government. Although corruption can not be completely eradicated, it can no longer go unchecked in this society. Concerned individuals must make a united stand to provide means by which corruption may be lessened. This will clear avenues so that public and donated funds may be utilized for the purposes of the country and not of the corrupt officials.

            Also, the violence brought about by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, by terrorists in the midst of all the poverty and economic problems, and by the government itself, must be stopped. There can be no progress if infrastructures built for the Palestinian nation become the subject of bombings the following week. The Palestinian people, steeped in poverty, can not make decent wages if their lives are constantly put in a state of threat. They also can not acquire good employment when these financial opportunities are kept away from them by corrupt officials as well as by overzealous terrorists.

            There must be a united effort by all Palestinians to alleviate the problems plaguing their country. It must be a realization made by all factions of society. The continuing external conflict will not prove successful if the internal situation is already festering with all sorts of grievous problems.


            In conclusion, although war is tearing apart both Israelis and Palestinians, the internal problems of Palestinians have grown to such great proportions that these seem to now overshadow the conflict experienced externally. Palestinians must realize that the problem they face is economic and that it is brought about by an unstable and corrupt government that has trained its sights too much on the war. There must be reforms made. Corruption must be stopped and violence must be ended. There must be a united front by all individuals across social sectors against the poverty and economic downfall staking a hold on the Palestinians.


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