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Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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I came to see the film Pride and Glory, a 2008 crime/drama film set in New York. It is directed by Gavin OConnor and portrayed by Edward Norton, Colin Farrell, Jon Voight, and Noah Emmerich. New York has been portrayed at the present day situation where there is a society and laws evident. In a wealthy city like New York, drug dealers and corrupt officials also exist. This city is like any other city in the world in which black market for drug dealing, street gangs and corrupt public officials subsists.

The plot of the film starts with the killings of the four police men in Washington Heights. Those men belong to SNEU division of the New York Police Department headed by CO Francis Tierney, Jr. played by Noah Emmerich. Deputy Chief Francis Tierney, the father of Francis Jr. and Ray, decided to assign Ray to head the investigation regarding the killings of their own men. As soon as Ray uncovers the mystery of the killings, everything that looks straight turns back down.

Rays investigation leads to the group of police officers dealing with dirty money. He uncovers the truth behind those killings that his brother-in-law Jimmy Egan is involved in drug dealing with Angel Tezo. Because Francis Jr. in-attendance with his men, he unintentionally allowed them to work on the streets with those drug dealers with Jimmy as the main player among the police officers (that includes Dugan and Carbone.

During the climax of the film, Ray instead of finding Angel Tezo, he also unintentionally finds Jimmy, Dugan and Carbone at 4330 Central Avenue in the Bronx. At the scene, he saw that Tezo was in severe pain and tortured by Jimmy. He soon finds that his gun was missing and a gun shot has been fired to Tezo. At the falling action of the film, it is up to Ray to follow the advice of his father or speak up the truth, the true color the SNEU NYPD. Reference OConnor, G. 2008. Pride and Glory (film).

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