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Published: 2019-10-10 05:32:53
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My first reaction to this paper was that I wanted to know more. The fact that Fremont rose to national prominence even though his mother was not married to his father seems unusual for the time period and as though it offers hope to others who come from single-parent families. I also liked that he was kicked out of finishing school and went on to explore the West and run for President of the United States.

Though he did not win, it again shows that the American dream”that anyone can grow up to be leader of the free world”was alive and well. The explorations that Fremont conducted added greatly to the growth of the nation and I find it intriguing that he was a Southerner who opposed slavery and ran against Lincoln for the presidential nomination.

It makes it interesting to contemplate how the country might have been changed if Fremont had defeat Lincoln to become the Republican nominee for president. I wonder if having a Southerner in the White House might have prevent the South from seceding. This was an interesting look at the way one man can help to change the course of history and helped give a better view on how the people alive during the westward expansion and the Civil War were all intertwined.

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