Postgraduate Degree Statement of Purpose Essay

Published: 2019-11-27 01:01:58
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Why I want to pursue Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Swinburne University

I decided to pursue a masters degree to strengthen my path in entrepreneurship and to eventually become a successful social entrepreneur.

I started out my career as a graphic designer, despite my achievements in work I always feel an urge to start my own business and serve the community at large. On that account I started a new beginning for myself, first by teaching at a university and volunteering for social works. Second, with a partner I established a small independent coffee shop serving as a creative community hub and promoting homegrown coffee. I discover that I love the new activities that Im doing. While acknowledging an even bigger aspiration to be a social entrepreneur, I became aware that it takes more than guts, street savvies and accounting books to actually run a business smoothly.

My decision to get this degree abroad is because I believe to be a future leader in any field one needs to have a broad mind and to be exposed with various culture and way of thinking. I choose Australia not only because of its close ties with Indonesia, but also the peoples friendliness and multiculturalism.

I was delighted to find out the Swinburne has the exact program that is suitable for my needs with, and I was more thrilled to know the Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation has a social entrepreneurship stream option. I am confident that getting an Masters of Entrepreneurship and Innovation will not only increase my skills and potential in business, but also give me an edge for me to set up new ventures in social entrepreneurship. I hope you will give me the privilege to continue my studies at your institution.

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