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Published: 2019-11-06 19:02:57
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2. Be able to support positive behaviour
2.1 Describe the benefits of encouraging and rewarding positive behaviour:

Rewarding positive behaviour comes with many benefits. The main benefit is that it encourages the child to behave in an acceptable way as they will want to receive the rewards for doing so such as stickers, or being able to choose a story/activity.

With the children behaving in the correct way the atmosphere of the nursery is going to be much more pleasant and relaxed and allow the nursery assistants to teach and carry out activities effectively without any disruptions, meaning the children will be receiving high quality levels of education and care. This also relates to home atmosphere as well. If a child is being brought up in an encouraging and rewarding environment rather than one focused on punishments for bad behaviour the child is going to come to nursery and carry on with their good behaviour and know what is expected of them, and thus the consistency is imperative.

Another benefit is that the children are learning from each other so by seeing a child being rewarded for good behaviour, it is going to make them want to behave in the same way so that they can also receive rewards.

Children may try to use bad behaviour as a way to gain attention from their teachers so it is very important that you give them attention when they are behaving in the proper way, so that they learn to stop the bad behaviour as it will not give them the attention the want.

By praising and encouraging the children, it will make the children feel good about themselves and become more confident and encourage them to work harder in the future.

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