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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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Internet website is just one of the popular technologies that people visit to surf, watch and upload videos. It is through this readily available websites where the users can find an avenue for freedom of expression and promotion. Indeed, this kind of technology has become a tool for experiencing valuable education and worthwhile entertainment. Along with this evolution, however, are bad influences that have been spread to internet users, adult and children alike. Exposure to pornography is just one these. Although pornography has existed centuries before the internet came out, it has still remained to be a big issue for some.

Nowadays, several internet websites providing inappropriate videos of obscene, violent and offensive languages have become extensive throughout different places. Videos like Hentai (a Japanese pornographic animation), Harry Potter Puppet Pals, and Angry Videogame Nerd are just some that have sexual, gory, and foul content. These videos are evidently catchy to children. In order to somehow lessen these cases; parents should not be neglectful in many ways. They should promptly guide their kids on what they watch, also in some cases, what they upload and download.

But there are some parents who are not aware that pornographic sites exist. Even some of them are not familiar with the things Internet has to offer. If these children are guided at home, they could always go to Internet Cafes if they would insist or too curious to access these videos. That could be possible since some cafes are very lenient when it comes to censorship. Several studies conducted reveal that some internet users are starting to show off affairs among young people and sexual attitudes through the use of web pornography.

Lets take this as an example; those who frequently launch pornographic websites are more likely prone to understand sex as a physical function (eating and drinking) while becoming aggressive to women whom they consider as sex symbols and they also tend to sustain such views if they see the material as more rational and realistic. More often than not, children like to mimic what they have actually seen, read or heard from any media source such as television, internet, radios and magazines.

Internet, being the most influential source of modern days technology can provide pornographic websites which may provoke children to act out sexually what they have witnessed, against other kids, even the ones younger and more helpless than them. Researcher, Dr. Jennings Bryant, in a study he conducted on 600 American males and females of junior high school reveals that approximately 91 % and 82 %, males and females respectively, confirmed that they have been exposed to obscene and obstinate pornography. Whilst, 66 % of the males and 40 % of the females wanted to act out some of the sexual scenes they have seen.

It was also found out that at most 31 % and 18 %, correspondingly males and females, have admitted that after a few days of exposure from obscene sites, they have already done some of them. Likewise, exposure to online pornography often results with sexual sickness, accidental pregnancies, and sexual dependence. Sex, however, has to be tagged along with the word responsibility. Without it, everything about sex could be misapprehended. Pornography supports the idea of sex without understanding responsibility. This concept may endanger the health state of every child who may wish to engage in an online pornographic affair.

As record shows, around one out of four sexually experienced children acquired a communicable disease of STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) annually, thus, accumulating over three million teenagers afflicted with STD since the mid-1980s. Unwanted pregnancies among teenagers have also been the effects of getting involved in any child-adult sexual activity. As one of the studies conducted reveals, males exposed on porn and who are on their ages before 14 have the higher potential of becoming more sexually aggressive in varied sexual activities than those who dont have much exposure to obscene materials.

Another study also shows that only 90 % of 932 (839) sex addicts and 77 % both for males and females respectively, admitted that pornography was the substantial reason for their addiction. The after effect of exposure to online pornography may also induce intervention for the childs growth and personality development. Children are usually vulnerable to environment affecting their growth. Sex education in schools and homes has become significant factors based on how parents, teachers, and physicians inculcate to children information on growth.

But pornography misleads the childs normal personality growth process that makes the child experience confusion and damages. It is true however that in order to value the so-called freedom of expression, we should not deprive any child of their right to be informed of the ugly realities some websites provide. Uploading pornographic articles and videos in a site, where people, even the young ones, often drop by when they are on the net could be dangerous. These videos might alarm the young fellows, or might even think it is alright to show and exercise pornography. If this continues, it could be a very big threat to the new generation.

Technology nowadays has been changing. Although many are doing their best to provide measures and warnings for pornographic sites, such will only be realized when one practices the value of responsibility. Since the end users are very difficult to control and persuade to integrate the virtue of responsibility, this should then come first from the website hosts itself.

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