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Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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The media is changing the way politics are being demonstrated. In the article Off Target by Paul Farhi he addresses that the media is often wrong with their political statements. Defeat the Press a Time Magazine article by James Poniewozik argues that politics can use the press in order to get their messages across. So is the media always wrong, or are politician using the media? Into days society the news feed is continuing 24/7, always highlighting the latest news. Virtually every utterance, appearance, ad, poll and stratagem is picked over, often in real time. Reporting tools are better and faster than ever. Small, cheap video cameras make it possible to record every scripted and unscripted public moment. (Farhi). However, it is easy to run against the media in the Internet age as stated by Poniewozik.

Celebrities are fighting the media in a different way though; well real celebrities like Sarah Palin play hard to get. (Interpreted from Poniewozik). Rick Davis vowed that Palin would not do interviews until the media treat her with some level of respect and deference. (Poniewozik). Since news is being generated continuously journalists are not producing quality work. Many of the storylines around which the political press has pegged its coverage havent even come close to falling within a reasonable margin of error. (Farhi).

Instead the media is very much focused on the next five minutes¦so the coverage lacks depth and historical focus, as Former NBC New Political Director Elizabeth Wilner stated as quoted by Farhi. They are interested in all the gossip rather than answering what the public would be asking. Sarah Palin saw that journalists were researching more whos ahead in the horse race rather than whod make the best president and decided to fight against it. (Farhi).

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