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Published: 2019-12-02 03:31:09
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Graft and Corruption has always been a big problem for the Philippines. Many presidents (if not all) in the past, are solidly accused of creating and approving projects of which the budget is way more than the necessary expenses and way more than the outcome. Some are accused of accepting bribes from various groups of big syndicates that operate lottery illegally. Some of these presidents were greatly affected by all these accusations about their governance that they resort to forced resignation, but some were brave enough to stand by their government and stay seated in the throne despite all the allegations thrown against them.

I know that this administration has been very consistent in telling the people about their prime focus for the next six years of the Aquino governance, and that is a government that is free of corruption. From the time of the 2010 presidential elections until now, it has always been the greatest advocacy of President Aquino. For this years State of the Nation Address, the President took time to emphasize all the lapses and anomalies of the previous administration that were discovered in the early part of the present administration. There were investigations and inspections done to know where all the money of the national budget had gone.

And they discovered that there are a lot of questionable releases of budgets. President Aquino also shared their solution to all these arising questions like appointing a Truth commission, who will lead the investigations regarding all the questionable budget approval of the previous administration. Also, included in the State of the Nation Address are the different strategies that are considered by the government to answer the rising problem of unemployment in the country, the plans for the Philhealth, the National Land Use Bill, and many more.

For me, this is a good way to start the 6-year governance of this administration. Corruption is now in the minds of the people as something that is tearing this country apart, as something that is bringing the people down and as something that is inevitable to any administration. But with the strong determination and the strong will that this government is showing the people against corruption, they are gaining the trust of the people and with trust comes the support, which is for me an important part in any government.

The fight of the government against corruption is something that the people appreciates because they have witnessed how life is with a corrupt leader, and with this fight the people sees a new light, they see a hope that there really could be a bright future for all of us. I also would like to emphasize that this philosophy of the government if pursued well, could actually bring a big big change in the state of the country today, more funds to go to proper projects for the people. But the question still remains.

Can they really eliminate corruption within the government? Of course I am not against the capacity of the government to execute all their plans against corruption, but the government is a big institution and the president cannot do it all by himself. He would need the support and participation of all the employees from the highest position in the palace to the smallest rank in all the branches of the government. This philosophy is great but we need to impose it properly so that all the plans will not go into waste and so that we will all benefit from it.

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