Pizza Hut Delivery: The Most Dangerous Job Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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In every company different jobs were associated into different persons. Like those in the pizza Hut Company, different task and job to work with depended on the work assigned to you. They can be the manager who is assigned in managing the place. There are those personnel who were assigned in the cooking, preferring and dressing cleaning or just simply asking and taking orders from the customers. Managing and all of these assignments required skills and abilities, but have we ever realized what kind of job is the most dangerous part in the pizza hut company?

Low amount of payment, which is really not enough, compared to the efforts and of course to the danger that was the counterpart of your work. Long hours of work, long time of dread and anxiety facing dangerous conditions, it is really the job that appeals in terms of delivering pizza. This is really a life-threatening job in almost everyday life of Pizza Hut delivery personnel. Of course being the largest restaurant in the world, with the total of approximately 34,000 restaurants, delivery carryout units and kiosk in 100 countries.

Pizza Hut is expected to perform great job not only in terms off making a great taste pizza but also reaching the customers desires for expediency. Pizza Hut delivery really brings convenience and less burden for us customers particularly for all busy persons; we can now enjoy the great taste pizza at ease. We dont have to go to the restaurant to purchase all we need to do is to dial their number and be surprised for a short time of waiting we then can enjoy our pizza, thanks to the delivery driver!

But do we know that being a driver may also cause us some frustrations? The most common frustrating things about being a driver were its also a risk on them if they have given the wrong addressed drivers may actually be questioned also for the late coming, wrong order and most of all they can be assaulted into robbery and murder. Can they refuse to some orders, as they are not sure for the safety of the place? No they cant in spite of the danger it may bring, job is still job for them.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2002), the fifth out of ten most dangerous occupation in the United States is delivery driver. Delivery drivers fear was not only accidents on dangerous roads they are also facing the fact that someone they know might kill them or even those that they knew not. In fact they dont even have the ability to protect themselves. Pizza Hut policy, even though a driver is legally entitled to carry some protective weapons to protect and save their own lives still, they forbids drivers to carry firearms or else they were dismissed when they have been caught.

Actually many protest have made and their opinions says that Pizza Hut shouldnt make any delivery jobs if they only cannot ensure the safety ness of its delivery personnel. Or at least they should permit the person to protect him or herself and exercise his most common right, which is to protect him against any cruelty or death. In a manner female delivery driver believes that they are at most risk than on their male counterparts as being threatened and scared to the point.

It is still a fact that all of those delivery people are at great risk of loosing their lives or be on danger but still not capable of preserving and saving their lives. According to records and reports given by the Association of delivery Drivers, there had been cases wherein they are abducted and beaten as well as being sexually assaulted. According to Tim Lockwood, Pizza delivery is basically dial-a-victim. Employees and delivery personnel are well informed of the everyday danger brought to them by the kind of work that they have.

They know the risk and the possibility of death here in this completely unprotected and increasingly dangerous world. But others still choose to stay for this kind of worked because for them its an exciting job, they find it fitted on them and a fair job they could work for. They also receive some tips, one reason that keeps them moving. Honestly speaking if I were them, Ill rather choose to stay and worked in the place where I can ensure my safely. It is your own life; you are the one who really have the right to decide which policy to follow. Love your only one life.

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