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Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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Pizza Hut is the family pizza place. Its a fact that they are rooted in family. It all began with two brothers and a mother, when the brothers borrowed $600 form their mother to open up a pizza parlor in 1958 in Kansas. The concept was relatively new at the time, and the brothers quickly saw the potential of this new enterprise. when they borrowed the $600 from their mother, then they purchased second-hand equipment and then rented a small building on a busy intersection in Wichita, Kansas.

The result of their hard work was the first Pizza Hut and the foundation for what would become the largest and the most successful pizza parlor in the world. Pizza Hut franchisees displays the entrepreneurial spirit, which launched their system back in the 50s. Through interest and initiative, Pizza Hut system has been able to develop new territories in the United States and as well as internationally.

The first international restaurant that Pizza Hut opened was in Canada in 1968, Pizza Hut restaurants have from then on opened in Mexico, South America, Australia, Europe, the Far East and Africa. Today, Pizza Hut operates in more than 100 countries and territories throughout the world. Another major step in their growth came in 1977 when Pizza Hut was acquired by one of the true giants of international business: PepsiCo, Inc.

As the part of the PepsiCo corporate family, Pizza Hut shared its leadership position with such fine products as Pepsi-Cola® brand soft drinks and as well as Frito-Lay® brand snack foods. In October 1997, PepsiCo spun off the restaurant businesses (Pizza Hut, KFC and Taco Bell), and Tricon was founded May 16, 2002, Tricon became YUM! Brands with the addition of 2 new brands, Long John Silvers and A&W. YUM!

Brands is now the parent company of Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, KFC, A&W and Long John Silvers and is the worlds largest restaurant company with more than 34,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries and territories. The problems One of the problems in Pizza Hut would be smoking. As we all know that smoking is hazardous to all our health therefore keeping that in view Pizza Hut has decided on a no smoking policy which also would includes its employees as well as the customers within the restaurant boundaries.

No Smoking signs will be put up in all the 1,675 Pizza Hut restaurants that are owned by the company in the United States. The company will also actively encourage their respective franchise operators to participate in this effort ( their are 4,600 Pizza Hut franchised restaurants in the US). This is basically done to safe guard the employees and as well the customers health.

This policy was implemented due to the growing awareness of the second hand smoke, lung cancer disease, and due to the deaths which were caused by lung cancer. Pizza Hut believes that going smoke free is simply the right thing to do. Plus it is said that the public embraces smoke free environments. Lets look at another problem; which is based on the safety of the delivery drivers.

Pizza Hut (throughout its corporate-owned stores alone) employs 20,000 people full time and as well as part time to deliver pizzas and their safety is considered to be an top priority of the management. The company spends millions of dollars on this issue every year. Pizza Hut faces some problems when it comes to the restricting of delivery in the high-crime neighborhoods, an issue that has sparked lawsuits as well as a national debate about perceived discrimination vs. oncerns for the safety of delivery personnel. Pizza Hut has new policies or guidelines that require managers to evaluate the crime statistics with the law force before limiting the delivery service. Since the delivery personnel are not aloud to carry arms and ammunitions with them to protect themselves when they venture into such neighborhoods for deliveries the management has to make sure that the delivery personnel are not in any kind of danger and that they are protected or safe.

And as the part of the policy, drivers must report any incidences of violence, and delivery limits must be drawn narrowly. Conclusion These were some of the moral problems regarding Pizza Hut, which the management has to deal with on the daily basis. One was the smoking by putting up no-smoking signs it will help safe guard the health of the employees as well as the customers. The other problem that is the safety of the delivery personnel, to safe guard their safety new polices are being implemented.

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