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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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The second stage ends with the arrival on a wild, stormy night of Magwitch, the convict from the marshes. Pip is shocked to find out who his benefactor is, disappointments, dangers, disgraces, consequences of all kinds rushed in such a multitude that I was bourne down by them and had to struggle for every breath I drew, this shows his reactions towards the news. Pip then doesnt feel like much of a gentleman as Magwitch used to be beneath him in class, but has turned Pip into a gentleman.

Magwitch had never forgotten how Pip had helped him on the marshes and wanted to show how grateful he was. Pip had been the only person who had shown kindness towards him, I lived rough so that you should live smooth; I worked hard, that you should be above work. Here Magwitch is saying how he has worked hard to make Pip a gentleman, this hard work was to show his appreciation to pip. Magwitch says, lookee here Pip. Im your second father. Youre my son- more to me than any son. Here Magwitch shows how much Pip means to him. Pip is ungrateful and not so keen, my blood ran cold within me, Pip really doesnt like the idea that Magwitch is his benefactor.

Even when Magwitch was a young boy he stole, thieving turnips for my living. He had been a criminal for a long time and stole to stay alive, this shows Pip was higher in class than Magwitch as though he was poor he had enough money to stay alive without stealing. Compeyson, the other man on the marshes with the scar, was an old lover of Miss Havishams. He set up fur a gentleman this Compeyson, and hed been to a public boarding school and had learning.

Compeyson had Passed as a gentleman but was not a very nice man, hed no more heart than an iron file, he was as cold as death, and he had the head or the Devil afore mentioned, Magwitch describes what he thinks of Compeyson. At the trial, though Compeyson was guilty, he had the money and looked like a gentleman. I noticed first of all what a gentleman Compeyson looked, and, what a common sort of wrench I looked, this is why Magwitch was found guilty, because he was lower down in class he didnt have the money for a good lawyer to help him out where as Compeyson did. Magwitch was sent to Australia and was not allowed to return, so when he came back to see Pip he was illegally back in England and could get killed if he was found.

Pip learns that Estella, who called him common, was actually the daughter of Magwitch, so she was actually lower in class than him the whole time, and Pip realizes what a cruel and wicked women Miss Havisham is when he goes back to see her. Pip used to think they were both Ladies, higher in class than he was but he now understands they were not very nice people. As Pip tries to hide Magwitch from Compeyson and trying to get him out of the country, Pip is sincerely worried for him and fears for his safety.

As Magwitch lay ill in hospital Pips care and concern grew, Are you in much pain to-day? Though Pip was not to sure of Magwitch at first his perceptions of him changed and Pip realized that Magwitch was in fact a good man inside, as Magwitch died Pip said, O Lord, be merciful to him a sinner! asking for his forgiveness. When Pip becomes ill, he wakes to find Joe with him, Pip had been quite horrible to Joe after becoming a gentleman and knew it. Pip feels really guilty, O Joe, you break my heart! Look angry at me, Joe. Strike me, Joe.

Tell me of my ingratitude. Dont be so good to me! He now realizes that Joe is a good man and a true gentleman. Pips perceptions have changed, as he now realizes its what is inside that counts, not what you dress like or how much money you have, he also realizes that it does not matter what you are classed as. Pip has realized that money cant by happiness either, Miss Havisham taught him this because, though she was rich she was a very unhappy lady.

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