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Published: 2020-01-04 14:10:14
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Picture 1

The photograph depicts a distorted picture of events, as events were restricted to children, as of they were the worst hit by the war.  Humans have a way of fighting their battles; they either wait until events reach the peak and revolt in violence or until the causative agent ceases to exist.  The picture depicts a combination of these two reactions.  Either case, what is left are the remains of war and violence with the concomitant need to rebuild the lost past.

Picture 2

It is true that pictures tell the limited side of a whole story. In this context, one would obviously see the agony that raises fire in the heart of a growing child. The bullets of war may arouse laughter in the camp of the enemy but tears accompany each territory conquered as their elders become swayed by the war, and the young child left in despair; they are left without help. Their only hope is the polluted air they breathe in.

Picture 3

In every war, there is an enemy. Whoever wins is the victor. And he does all to make her impact known, including the use of national flags. Beyond this, what is clear is that I can not exactly point to the state of the war from the picture. No doubt there is a message from the picture, but the war is more than capturing this Island.

Picture 4

The danger of wars and conflicts can be felt by the adult members of a community, who probably could not run away or found themselves at immovable junctions. But what about the little child who knows nothing: he is left in awe to wander why with limited answers; he is left to suffer. The young chap is simply helpless, and the impact of violence is worst on him/her. That picture leaves one with the feeling of the child there: helpless. But lifes messages are clearer than that.

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