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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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Physiology of aging is two different terms with a common meaning. That is, the aging processes. The term physiology is defined by White (2008) as the biological study of the processes and activities of the working parts and systems in the human body (p. 8). Aging on the other hand simply refers to accumulation of age. Thus, in a sense, physiology of aging refers to the natural processes of the human body as it accumulates more years of existence. This processes according to Rastogi (2001) is characterized by deterioration of several functions¦and its rate occurs at different times (p.

519). Physiology aging therefore Based on the definitions of White and Rastogi, it appears that physiology is a process that facilitates changes in the physical body including how we look, or how we act in response to the pressures of daily living. In other words, physiologic aging is the gradual process of physical changes towards a weak and aging physical body. On the question whether evidence-based methods slows down physiologic aging, it appears that it is not the case because there is no solid findings that categorically affirms it indeed slow down physiologic aging .

Although there are some benefits to the physical body, Bluestone gave no indication that the method could slowdown physiologic aging. Evidence based methods however provide effective treatment for various diseases especially stress burn disease such as coronary heart diseases (p. 106), high blood pressures, and so on through its various approaches that relaxes the body. Going back to the definition of physiology and aging, physiologic aging is a process of getting old that is always accompanied by the deterioration not only of functions but also of body cells.

In this case, there are clearly no alternatives to slow down physiologic aging, as aging is a normal process that might be hasten but may not slowed down. As I observe on various adult individuals, I noticed that many of them suffers from various diseases such arthritis, dementia, and rheumatic diseases. According to Enguidanus (2006), evidence-based practice that provides a vehicle for providers to deliver high quality services to their older and frail, clients, helping them to preserve or restore function, maintain or improve physical and mental health status, and prevent or delay institutionalizm (p.

2) is a program to cater the need . Apparently, to delay aging was not part of the purpose by which evidence-based methods. Thus the main thrust therefore of evidence base-methods was not to experiment whether it could slowdown physiological aging, but assist adults especially towards their physical and normal heath issues. Given the above discussion, evidence-based methods according to Enguidanos operate under three basic statements as follows: Some things should be done, This should be done, and This should be done.

Clearly then physiology of aging speaks of the physical weakness of the elderly people as part of the natural processes of the body to grow weak as gets old. The Evidence-base methods is an agency that dealt with this physical problems rather than slowing than the processes of physiological aging. References Enguidanos, S. M. (2006) Evidence-Based Interventions for Community DwellingOlder Adults USA: Haworth Press Rastogi, S. C. (2001) Essentials of Animal Physiology India: Age International White, S. (2007) Grassroots Tennis: Helping Parents and Coaches Teach Kids USA: Lulu. com

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