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Published: 2019-10-31 19:41:00
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With the rise in technology and the globalizing economy, educators and companies nowadays are finding ways to find suitable mechanisms to enhance education among individuals. The challenge now is for educators to synthesize the technology available and collaborate on the proper teaching method to address the needs of students today into the future. At the same time, students and workers must carefully piece out ideas and facts that will be suitable in the learning process. With the cooperation of both parties, full and quality education shall be achieved.

I believe that every individual has their utmost desire to learn and each one has their own subjective interests and field that they want to study. With this in mind, every individual seeks to find an institution that will cater to their need to learn. Thus, it is therefore important for institutions like colleges, universities and schools to continually solidify and harness these interests for it to be beneficial in each ones future endeavor. However the feat must not only be one-sided the action must also come from the students desire and efforts to learn.

For students, efficient teaching practices are vital in the development of their individual skills and talents. Educators must continually be trained to address the current demand and needs of students. In addition, with the evolution in the literature and studies as far as education is concerned, issues such as (1) learning, (2) teaching styles, (3) models and (4) proper funding must be continuously address to ensue that each one is coping up in the recent changes in time.

As far as students are concerned, their part and contribution to the learning process and education is also vital for the sector to be successful. Students in their own way must contribute to the rise of educational quality brought about by schools, universities and colleges. Since they are the target population of the mentioned institutions, each one must foster and catalyze continuous improvements.

In addition, as courses and fields of study become more specialized, students must cope with the challenges and try to gather as much knowledge as they possibly can because the environment changes in the work community. Achieving a degree in a college, university or school does not stop an individual from learning and being educated. I believe that continuous education is vital in the work environment. The work environment also caters to an individuals learning process.

As the worker continuous to gain experience from work, the depth and level of learning and education also increases. However, I argue that there will come a certain point wherein an individual who is working reaches his/her optimum potential to learn. With this, there will now be a decline in learning as familiarization and a routinely work environment enters the picture. Thus, the challenge for companies is to continually motivate workers and introduce new concepts to make the atmosphere more susceptible to learning and education.

Companies must create scenarios that can enhance workers education and learning. This can be done by (1) creating efficient and effective training that will update workers of changes, (2) provide incentives to qualified workers to pursue a higher career in education, (3) synchronize company objectives by allowing gradual changes to occur to prevent growth stagnation of the workforce and (4) introducing new concepts that will preferably facilitate better methods to do quality work and at the same time learning.

It is said that the only thing that does not change is change itself. Education and the learning processes are continuous to evolve through time. With this in mind, mankind must also address these changes for us to adapt and be capable of survival in the future. Mans constant quest for knowledge does not stop at school, it only progresses and increases as he/she gains experience in the work environment. Education as a concept is not stagnant. One must strive and work hard to achieve his/her endeavors in life. This is my philosophy with regards to education.

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