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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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It can be thought that the very foundation of philosophy lies mainly on the persons way of thinking influenced by the critical observation of his surroundings and how he stands as an existing entity (Thomas, 1990). In the education sector, the philosophies and theories in learning influence the overall teaching scope from the instructors to the students.

     Primarily, the teachers are the main initiators of interaction within the class. He designates the relative importance of education philosophies without even having to emphasize that he is going to use it. Sometimes, even the teacher himself is not really aware that interaction processes with the class already signify philosophical approaches.

     One example is Idealism. In this aspect, the teacher becomes the role model for the students who will project a character of having ethical and moral values as accorded by the society (Slater). The class then will have an advantage knowing that they could depend on a specific attribute to apply something good to their lives.

     Another philosophy is Realism. In this facet, the teacher is able to signify what is to be found in nature by understanding the very essence of reality (Slater). This teaching scope will let the students become more aware of the natural world without the harm of having biased thoughts according to the teachers perception.

     One more example of an education philosophy is pragmatism. This aspect also lets the teacher to learn together with the students (Slater). This will bring beneficial interaction by opening a larger avenue for two way communication which will help address the individual learning needs of each student.


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