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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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            The United States is currently facing an overcrowding crisis in its prisons today. Increased rate of crime and the refusal by the relevant state authorities to expand the number of correctional facilities has put a strain to the existing prisons. This has been recently been revisited in the national forums with calls from the concerned stakeholders to address the situation before it gets out of hand. Overcrowding according to prison authorities has reached peak levels to an extent that inmates are forced to share cells. The negative impacts of overcrowding are known and they include aggression and a higher likelihood of disease spreading (Paulus, P et al 112).

            This situation needs to be arrested. There exist many strategies on the table that can be used to curb overcrowding. These would range from building new facilities, alternative correctional methods and proper designs of the correctional facilities. ( The purpose of this short essay is to apply all the persuasive and writing schools acquired, use them to convince my instructor on why I should be allowed to tackle the above topic.

            In this paper, I shall look at the resources that are theyre touching on this topic, and use them to present a solid case and position regarding the topic. This all is meant to prove to my instructor that this is a topic worthy tackling and that I am the right person.

The possible thesis statement for the essay will be: The federal government should allocate adequate resources to alleviate the problem of overcrowding in our prisons. This thesis statement emanates form a personal belief and strong conviction that the situation as it stands in our prisons breeds more problem that it seeks to solve. The government has a key duty to provide essential services to all the citizens of this nation in spite of the status in life. The inmates are no lesser human beings than us ad deserve all the resources possible to make their stay in prison meaningful.

            There are two very specific reasons that have aroused my intense interest of covering this specific topic. The first is my background and secondly is my interest in championing for human rights. Having been born and bred in a crime prone environment I have a first hand experience with criminals and a better understanding of why people indulge in crime. The political, social and economical factors that can lead to crime. The prisons are supposed to be correctional facilities and not to excessively punish and waste the potentials possessed by the inmates.

            In writing this research paper I intend to utilize a large number of resources. The Internet and the library will provide a good source of information on overcrowding. Goggle scholar for example has lots of articles covering this topic. For example an article by Anne Bolduc our crowded prisons provides useful insights (Pg 45-57). From the library, a book by Stephen D, et al (Americas correctional crisis, Pg 12-56) focuses on the topic. There will be supplemented by other journal articles and materials from the web. This is an interesting topic and I plan to invest a lot of my time to expound more on the existing information.

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