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Published: 2020-01-31 19:02:43
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After the gruelling but rewarding years in high school, I am now ready to face more challenges in a new academic environment. I have always been challenged by the many expectations on students especially when they will be admitted in a university. But choosing a university where I can learn and master my craft, grow and develop as an individual and meet new friends without experiencing discrimination for my personality or religion is not always easy. With lots of universities that I can choose from and which offer countless opportunities for students, it is always a matter of which one will cater to my needs as a scholar and person.

I have long realized that not only the university will cater to the needs of the student, but the student must also cater to the universitys needs for their mutual existence. Its a give and take relationship where both sides can benefit from each other. I believe that the University of San Francisco is the best university that will give me education in order to achieve my dreams. I was firstly impressed with its mission and core values, and I knew I found the right place where I can hone my skills and be of good service.

And since I want to study in a university which will not limit what I can do, I knew the University of San Francisco is the right place. I am only one person, but I would also like to give contributions to this University as this will be my new home for the next years or so. Being a new student is tough, and adjustment is usually painful. I myself came from Asia. But the fact that the University welcomes every person of every religion and culture is a comfort. Enabling change to take place is a difficult task, but it always starts with ones self no matter if its a slow process.

I am a person who views challenges as an essential part of being professional and growing as an individual. I learned to be an independent person since my parents sent me to Singapore to study when I was 11. Living far from them helped me to grow mature than most of my peers, and I gave importance to my education. Moreover, I give pride in whatever I do, helping he to excel in my studies and endeavours. I believe I can help the University by being strong and determined. For instance, I was not good at English before, but I practiced writing essays to solve this.

Since the University is the most diverse when it comes to race and religion, I will contribute by being proud of my roots, and encouraging others to be proud of theirs as well. I will show others that no race and no religion are above another, and that everyone is equal in everything. Aside from this, I believe that one should focus on excelling in whatever he pursues rather than attend to unimportant details. Moreover, I can help my fellow students by sharing with them my knowledge and experiences, especially about Business Administration, thus enlightening them.

Above all else, I will exert my utmost efforts in contributing to the career I have chosen (Business Administration) by studying hard and by being inquisitive. I will not be satisfied with what is there, nor will I be spoon-fed. I will constantly look for answers to the most puzzling questions. I will make sense of the things which are fundamental by integrating faith and reason. I am not someone who will just accept what I am taught, or to limit learning inside the four walls of the classroom. Searching for the explanation that would give light to unclear things will satisfy my inquisitive nature.

Additionally, I will be proud of the University I chose because of its treasured values, and that it seeks to promote responsibility, diversity and excellence in every aspect of the academics. Im sure these values will enable me to become more successful in my chosen career as well as in my desire to be a better person. I will put my spare time to good use but still learn new things. With the Universitys diverse community, I believe my personality and my perception of other cultures and religions will improve by mingling and sharing with others.

I am interested to broaden my horizon, to learn of new things, to find out how things are that or this way. I am after development, not just in my academics but also in other things I pursue that are not covered by my studies. I believe that the University will support me whether I choose to engage in sports, music, or arts. While I am concerned with getting good grades and learning things about my career, I want to pursue activities that will teach me the importance of friendly competition, of appreciation of essential things, and of respect for others. I believe that these will further improve me as a person.

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