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Published: 2019-10-10 05:32:33
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My name is (insert your name here). I wish to obtain a masters degree in business administration in the (insert name of University here). I want to receive my MBA from a highly competent school such as (insert name of university) that only admits the best students. I majored in finance at the University of Jordan in 2005 where I graduated with honors. As a student, I was very eager to learn. I attended classes regularly and made sure that I adhered to the given schedule. I also believed that learning should not only be confined within the walls of a lecture hall.

I actively participated in school organization activities and studied at home where I reviewed all the notes and lectures for the day. After college, I was able to land on a good paying job where I put the knowledge and skills I gained into practice. While there are various career opportunities and options to choose from, I decided to concentrate on banking and finance where I can be intellectually stimulated, work with a multi-talented team, and achieve self-development.

Thus, in April 2006, I started working for Arab Bank, Middle Easts biggest financial institution, and have been working there ever since. Due to my diligence, commitment, and exceptional skills, specifically in analysis and decision-making, I was selected as one of the very few highly competent employees to undergo the intensive seven-month Arab Accountants Program for distinguished employees. The said program covered various topics, including finance, accounting, marketing, and other related topics in the field of business.

Because my undergraduate studies were focused on finance which deals mostly with technical concepts, the training provided by Arab Bank made me realize that there is still so much that I have to learn. The training has driven me to further my studies in business administration. That is why I wished to gain more knowledge and enhance my management skills as these will definitely help me become successful. This made me decide to enroll at (insert name of University here).

Completing my MBA in this university can surely help me achieve my ambition of becoming a (insert your desired occupation in the future). This is because this university has great professors and wide school resources that can bring out the best in me and develop my knowledge and skills in business that I need in the near future. I am a very optimistic and hard working person and I believe that these qualities will make me reach the top.

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