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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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Stress is a major contributor to burnout in the Law Enforcement field. There can be many contributors to this, but among them are the idea of having to use deadly force against someone or witnessing deadly force being used against a partner or coworker, lack of support from department members and leaders, having family life and traditions disrupted and so forth. Law Enforcement work is not something that can be easily dealt with and easily overcome. An officer has to deal constantly with dangers that arent normally faced by other lines of work or other career-paths.

Police constantly deal with the dregs of society and because of this, they are forced into situations that arent conducive to an easy work and home life.

Many resources exist to help officers deal with this stress. Some of these resources can be a strong faith and trust in ones religion and religious leaders. A strong support system within an officers respective department, counseling offered and available to officers once they do undergo a stressful encounter or situation. Such counseling is helpful, but is often placed by the wayside by officers because they feel they are strong enough to handle such situations themselves, without help! It is important for an officer to realize that help, in such situations, is not a bad thing and will not cause others to look down on them. The strongest man (or woman) is the one who realizes that he cannot handle the situation alone and asks for help.

An officer neednt feel he is above asking for help. Often the first thing that will help an officer down the path of healing is that first initial instance when he/she admits to a superior, I need help with this!

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