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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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A personal mastery plan enables an individual to learn and focus on another career and be able to reflect on the leadership competencies and skills needed in leadership. Personal mastery involves programming individuals mind towards success and achievements. It differentiates best individual and a mere individual. Personal master gives an individual a focus and gives a sense of responsibility of individuals life, rather than moving with the life tide (Seeman & Lien, 2001, p. 614 ).

Every individual in this world has an individual and unique life, with varying attitudes and values. Individual values and attitude is developed over time, as an individual grow and develop from birth, through out the development life. After the values are developed, they are continuously shaped by a number of factors, such as experiences in life, education and memories of the past events. As an individual carry out various activities experience is acquired, and as one progresses in education, more and more is learned, changing the individuals value and attitude.

As one develops fro child hood to adult, both good and bad situations and activities are encountered leaving an individual with strong memories (Seeman & Lien, 2001, p. 619). For example when one is born, he or she stays at home and gets the necessary care from the parents. As one grow and reach school age, one leaves the the parent and goes to school, where he or she adjust to school life, as one progresses through learning, his or her education level advances in and changes in learning institutions are made. After schooling, one is employed, and gets promotions as as he progresses at work.

With such progress, the memories of the encounters at home, various schools, and at various work position, plays a major roles in shaping individuals future values and attitudes. Value influences behavior, as it gives an individual the ability to decide between relevant alternatives which is important in living . Value and belief are great determiners of individual personality, and are the basis of how we sees others every individual has a set of values which influences behavior of the individual without the individual intention.

Personal values which involves honesty, moral and friendlinesses determines individuals moral character. The society value enhances relating with others in the society (Seeman & Lien, 2001, p. 616 ) Our tendency to evaluate many issues and aspects. Although attitude can be influenced, it is only individuals who can change their attitudes. Unlike value, individuals attitude can be detected even without individuals consciousness. Attitude develops through past experiences. Social environment is shapes individuals attitude. Personal mastery has been my drive force through out my life.

Personally, personal mastery, involve much beyond skills and competence. I consider it to involve creativity through out ones life, and need to be continuously involved. My learning process has always involved creativity. Using memories and experiences, i encountered during my learning process, i have known that every individual need to actively participate in self evaluation, gather appropriate information if one need to be compete in day to day activities. My past experience gives me the ability to gather and integrate information into my personal and professional life.

My mission is to create a balanced environment in both southern Afghanistan and the tribal areas of Pakistan, with a purpose to extend the central governments reach. This foments insurgency among a proto-insurgent people, security interests in this area is unique cultural problem, which does not involve economic, religion or a generic tribal problem. Using emotional intelligence and my strength I intend to encourage the United States and the International community to use anything they can to integrate the tribes and cultures which disintegrated after the invasion of Soviet Union in Afghanistan in 1979.

There are two main types of leaders. The authoritative who dictates what they expect to be done giving the conditions, and the participating who gives guideline on what to be done, and in many cases participates. I want to be a participating leader. The knowledge on negative experiences makes many people to have negative attitude towards leaders who trick them or take advantage over them. This knowledge and experiences makes me consider a worth while and a long lasting leadership. As a leader, I require my people credibility. This means that my integrity will create trust in my people to believe what I tell them.

I will give guidance to my people on various issues and will ensure i equally participate in various constructive activities. As a leader I will value all individuals in the society, having time for all individuals in the society. My people will be my prestige. With this, I will be at a better chance to show love to everybody. I will consider security for my people. An economically stable nation is my target. As good leader, I will work hard, using all means to ensure that my people live happily and with their basic needs provided.

The value I have for all people will help me protect from all sorts of harm. They need to be free from mass destruction, poverty, hunger and diseases. I will ensure quality health care for all people without discrimination The poor will enjoy similar benefits with the rich. A leader who respects international relation is my role model. My people need to benefit from international relations. They will be able to interact freely, a factor I consider to have economical benefit. They can freely engage in International trade through enhanced International relations.

I will ensure ill promise what i can fulfill. To become a leader, a lot is needed. One need to have the required education and training. After being a leader, that is not the end of the race. A continuous leadership competencies need to be developed, and assessed. To achieve my goal, I will further my education, to get appropriate training which will enable me to meet the requirements to be a reader. I will ensure I exude certainty and success. My leadership will be flexible, to accommodate changes.

Since leadership is an art that requires ongoing practice, I will ensure I understand my strength and weaknesses. With the weaknesses I will be able to correct for the benefit of my people and society. To determine the impact of my leadership, I will ensure a consistent assessment of my leadership. A collection of gathered information other other leaders leading styles, and other sources of information, I can learn critical leadership competences, stand a better position of identifying all possible hindrances that are likely to hinder effective leadership.

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