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Published: 2020-02-02 05:30:58
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Physicists say that it is impossible to create a perpetual motion machine, a machine whose own activity keeps it running perpetually. What energy principle precludes the possibility of a perpetual motion machine? One principle in physics that is applicable in this case is the Law of Conservation of Energy. The theory basically states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed but changes from one state to another. This basically presumes that the amount of energy that exists in the universe is constant and that it cannot be added to.

The reason that this principle is applicable in this case is because of the fact that a perpetual motion machine would violate this principle. A perpetual motion machine would essentially be creating energy. It would not be transforming energy from one state to another but would be producing it out of nothing. This basic principle would certainly circumvent and violate the Law of Conservation of Energy. The basic postulate that the amount of energy that is contained in the universe would be violated by this concept since a perpetual motion machine would be adding more energy into the universe.

Another principle that is essential to this discussion is that of friction. Friction is present in every machine. As such, it is also one of those theories that preclude the concept of a perpetual motion machine from existing. A perpetual motion machine would necessitate the abeyance of the law on friction since friction would be an energy loss. In order to perpetually be in motion, the machine has to be able to find an additional source of energy. This is necessitated by the law on friction.

The reason behind this is that friction removes energy from the equation, creating heat when two elements of matter collide with each other. It is therefore impossible for a perpetual motion machine to exist under the law of friction. While it would certainly be ideal to have a perpetual motion machine, the current laws of physics preclude its existence. The main reasons, as elucidated in this discourse, are the laws on the conservation of energy and the law on friction.

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