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Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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Theres many ways, shapes, and forms that the penny coin is valued by a large percentage of the American population. One might even go as far as saying that the penny has saved lives, and yet United States Representative Jim Kolbe and many others wish to eliminate the penny coin. The penny serves as an affirmation of historical meaning of our great nation and it proves itself as a significant asset to everyday life. The penny contains value that a great portion of the American population finds necessary, yet many attempt to demolish the penny for a small percentage that might possibly benefit the nation. In order to accomplish such a decree one would have to dispute against two-thirds of the American population as shown in source E.

Among the protesting citizens of the country, the entire state of Tennessee would also be against abolishing the penny because Tennessee is among one of the states that produces the penny which affects the states economy as said in source A. This effort to eliminate the coin would be more of a hassle than a benefit and would basically be improbable. Also the penny has been upheld for many generations and has existed since the beginning of American history. Within the time from the creation of America until now, the penny has been around and it depicts one of our nations greatest presidents and reminds the American public of our triumphant struggles. The penny is perhaps the most visible and tangible reminder of Lincolns significance in American history, stated Michael Bishop after President Bush signed the bill to redesign the penny for the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincolns birth (Source F).

These images remind the American public of how Lincoln preserved the United States of America as a single and united country (Source F). As a preservation of this great achievement the penny should not be eliminated. All in all, the penny is too valuable in that it can historically demonstrate the past of American history and it is seen by many Americans as a beneficial benefactor to aid them in their everyday lives. A states economy is dependant on the production of the penny as well as many hard working Americans in the country. The penny should not be eliminated for the sake of our national traditions and historical value.

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