Peer Review Worksheet: Rhetorical Analysis of a Public Document Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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Part of your responsibility as a student in this course is to provide quality feedback to your peers that will help them to improve their writing skills. This worksheet will assist you in providing that feedback. Name of the drafts author:Jennifer Wildey

Name of the peer reviewer:Antoinette Holly
After reading through the draft one time, write a summary (3-5 sentences) of the paper that includes your assessment of how well the essay meets the assignment requirements as specified in the syllabus and the rubric.

After a second, closer reading of the draft, answer each of the following questions. Positive answers will give you specific elements of the draft to praise; negative answers will indicate areas in need of improvement and revision. Please be sure to indicate at least three positive aspects of the draft and at least three areas for improvement in reply to the questions at the bottom of this worksheet.

Rhetorical Analysis Content and Ideas

How effectively does the thesis statement identify the main points that the writer would like to make about the public document he or she is analyzing? Very well the thesis statement provided the main point. How successful is the writers summary of the public document under study? I feel like the writer did a great job on summarizing the website and explains the website. How effective is the writers explanation and evaluation of the rhetorical situation, genre, and stance? The writer provides a good summary explaining and evaluating the website b of the rhetorical situation of the website.

How persuasively is evidence used to support assertions and enrich the essay?
How effectively does the essays content support the thesis by analyzing the document and evaluating its effectiveness according to strategies from chapter 2 of The Call to Write? I think that the writer expressed all aspects of the thesis within the analysis. The essays content effectively relates to the rhetorical situation within the CDCs website.


How effectively does the introduction engage the reader while providing an overview of the paper? I think the introduction was very engaged to the reader to want to read more about ADHD.

Please identify the writers thesis and quote it in the box below.

How effectively do the paragraphs develop the topic sentence and advance the essays ideas? The topics sentence in the paragraphs effectively the essays ideas.

How effectively does the conclusion provide a strong, satisfying ending, not a mere summary of the essay? The conclusion did provide a good ending. She did a good job on the conclusion.


How closely does the paper follow GCU formatting style? Is it double-spaced in 12 pt. Times New Roman font? Does it have 1³ margins? Does it use headers (page numbers using appropriate header function)? Does it have a proper heading (with students name, date, course, and instructors name)? Yes the GCU style format is all there only thing that the writer is missing the page numbers in the top right hand corner of each page.

Are all information, quotations, and borrowed ideas cited in parenthetical GCU format? Yes Are all sources listed on the references page in GCU format? Yes Is the required minimum number of sources listed? Yes

Language Use and Style

Are the voice and tone of the essay effective in characterizing ideas and creating the appropriate mood? If No, please provide examples of ineffective or inappropriate voice and tone. Yes the writer did a great job. How effectively does the paper incorporate a variety of sentence structures that strengthen the ideas, create vitality, and avoid choppiness in the writing? The writer have a good understanding and on point with the analysis and audience.

How would you assess the writers diction (i.e., word choice)? Does the writer use active verbs, concrete nouns, and precise words? The writer use words very well.

Grammar and Mechanics

Does the writer use proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling? If No, please provide examples of errors in need of correction. Yes Is the writing clear and comprehensible throughout the draft? If No, please provide examples in need of improvement. Yes

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