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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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The movie Paradise Now depicts the political and social aspect of Israels occupation in Gaza and at the same time, focuses on the story and thought of suicide bombers. The setting is in West Bank where both Israelites and Palestinians exist but is separated by borders. It further leaves a thought among viewers on which race to side and on who is right, whether Israel or Palestine. Apart from that, Paradise Now depicts the reason of suicide bombers and the manner by which suicide bombers are convinced to do their mission. The movie also displayed the preparations that suicide bombers must undergo before carrying out their mission.

Furthermore, it showed how terrorist organization move and carry out their mission. Above all, it leaves a message that violence is not the only means of achieving peace and glorification. By looking into the elements of the film, it is beyond doubt that the movie deserves the awards it obtained. The casts were only limited to characters that symbolize a particular class in the society or in the West Bank and in places occupied by Israelites and Palestinians. The casting was great because each character has portrayed a clear character. As to sound and lights, the film cannot be rated dull.

The minimal playing of background music did not made the film boring. The first playing of music was when the protagonists were enjoying their water filter which illustrates that despite chaos there is still moment for good life. More importantly, the background sounds used were that of bombings and sirens to show the reality of chaos and disorder in the place. With regard to symbols, only few events and things to symbolize something were few. The broken car does not portray a significant event or value but only shows the job of the two men chosen to carry out the mission in Tel Aviv.

The car depicts that Said and Khaled were employed in an auto repair shop. It also shows simple and poor life in Palestine. The water filter, on the other hand, symbolizes friendship. From the movie, Said and Khaled were sharing it and enjoying it. It also signifies a moment of happiness in life despite the disorder in the place. Remarkably, the scene where Said and Khaled had dinner with the others was included to mean as the last supper of the two as they are nearing their death in a few hours. The dinner may be the saddest part of the movie because both Said and Khaled has already determined their death.

It is also noteworthy that the film concentrated on the childhood bestfriends, Said and Khaled. Said represents the intelligence but quiet man while Khaled represents the hot-tempered and careless man. Both of them submitted themselves to the plan of the organization. However, it can be seen that Said has doubts as to the promised glory. However, it is obvious that both of them believes in martyrdom and that dignity in life can only be achieved by sacrificing ones life for a zealous purpose which is to avenge. It the film, the glory promised is achieved through suicide bombing.

The inclusion of Suha in the movie represents a mind that has been influenced by foreign diplomacies and beliefs. Suha introduced the idea that violence is not the answer to end the alleged oppression. In the flow of the story, Suha interrupted the fundamental belief of Said and has indeed made the point by which Said has to make a wise decision. In assessing the film in general, it deserves an astounding rate of excellence. The film was showed in a manner that viewers will be forced to think about what was running in the minds of the two characters namely, Said and Khaled.

It was also presented in a way that no side was more favored. In other words, the film was fair in delivering the side of the Palestine and that of Israel. The movie also serves an importance in assessing current and even the past events of suicide bombings. Apart from that it leaves a message that violence is not the only way to make changes. This is portrayed by Suha, the love interest of Said. In interpreting the film deeper, the title also leaves a strong meaning. Paradise, as widely known, means a place where everything is perfect.

However, the inclusion of the word Now in the title also means many things. It may represent the current period, the time when the suicide bombing was planned and carried out, or the opportunity when Said heard the reasoning of Suha. In assessing the film as a whole, the Now may mean the opportunity when Said may have realize that suicide bombing or violence is not the right way of retaliating against Israel. The meaning of the title also means that Paradise can be achieved even here on earth when violence can be ended and peace process can be established without the use of bombings.

By looking into the movie in general, it can be perceived that it did not support suicide bombing. This is because of the portrayal of Suha and the confusing representation of character of Said. However, it can also be said otherwise because of the displaying the religious aspect that has backed up the belief on suicide bombing. Nevertheless, as the story continued, the mission of the two suicide bombers was curtailed because they were intercepted by authorities. In addition, each of the characters has lived on their own because they parted ways eventually.

The opportunity also of questioning the promises has shaken the ideology. As the story continued, each of the suicide bombers has lived on their own reason in carrying out or in quitting the mission. Hence, it is safe to say that the movie does not support suicide bombing because of the shaky foundation as to the belief and reason that supports it. Notably, other may say that the movie is an anti-wedding film. Such conclusion may be shallow and baseless. In the movie, the target was a wedding in Tel Aviv.

Among suicide bombers, they usually target a gathering or places where many innocent people are present in order to leave a great impact and a strong message to the public and the government. In the movie, the wedding was used only to illustrate that the target of the suicide bomber are the innocent. Apart from that, the plan was not to stop the wedding. Instead, the mission was to blast off many people attending the Israeli wedding. Hence, it cannot be said that Paradise Now is an anti-wedding movie. Reference Paradise Now, Palestine 2005, director Hani Abu Assad.

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