Pan Arabism and how it affects Egypt and Syria Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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Pan Arabism is both a movement and an idea that identifies the affinities of Arab people and how they engage in meaningful practical expressions. Many sovereign states like Egypt and Syria partakes in this nature in terms of intergovernmental cooperation. This is in order for them to come up with a united Arab nation. The goal of Pan-Arabism can also be viewed on one famous saying Egypt is the head of the Arab world and Syria is its heart. This quote clearly defines the goal of the movement.

Amidst the complexities of life, the oneness of Arab nations is proven by this. The hope of establishing one single Arab community and single Arab state is the main focus of Pan-Arabism. It can b traced from the time of the Arab revolt against the Ottoman Empire who ruled in World War I. The leader of Pan-Arabism Lawrence of Arabia promised his people that sooner there will b one Arab superstate which stretches between from the Persian Gulf to Suez Canal and beyond.

Name: Subject: Professor: Date: Yom Kippur War The Yom Kippur War is the battle between Israelis and Arabs in 1973. This is already the fourth war between the two groups. It lasted for 20 days from October 6-26, 1973. Israel goes against the combined forces of Egypt and Syria in this war. The first 2 days of the battle made the Syrians and Egyptians won over the Israelis. On its second week, the Israelis were able to drive the Syrians out of the Golan Heights.

After which, they also made the Israelis struck the Suez Canal where they requested for a cease fire. The defeat of the Arabs made them feel humiliated and psychologically vindicated. Peace process came after this as well as the liberalization of Egypts policy. The good thing about Yom Kippur War is that it normalized the relationship of Israel and Egypt. It is the first time for an Arab country to recognize the state of Israel. This also made Egypt leave the Soviet union.

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