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Published: 2020-02-25 21:21:39
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The aim of the fitness programme is to improve aerobic fitness (cardiovascular) A footballer requires cardiovascular fitness to maintain a high level of fitness when competing for the full duration of a game-90 minutes, a footballer must maintain a constant and prolonged level of effort and work from start to finish. A high stamina level also helps with the game this is highly important to a footballer because if the cardiovascular performance is not at a high level the overall performance levels will decrease before the 90 minutes is up, to ensure this does not happen this programme designed for a footballer will hopefully increase the cardiovascular fitness levels and make a 90 minute match an easy work out.

To show the comparisons between fitness levels before the programme compared to afterwards my 12-minute cooper run will be looked at and evaluations made to back up the other evidence for my fitness programme. If my cooper run results improve after the 2nd attempt, I will need to give reasons why as with if my results are below my expectations of improvement. In addition if between now and the dates of the fitness tests I receive an injury this will be taken into consideration, also alongside this at this moment in time my fitness level to begin with will not be at its peak due to the football season having just started, however as before this programme is designed especially to improve a footballers fitness within a specific period. I shall try to improve on my first score this will show that I am following a progressive overload during my training

Throughout the programme there are a few key safety issues that need to be considered, these include ensuring the equipment used is safe and correctly spaced out, for example during the circuit training section all of the bases with an individual activity will need enough space to ensure the task can be completed safely with no hazards concerning the positioning of equipment. At the same time the correct clothing must be warn so that there is no risk of injury towards other people and yourself.

With some of the activities like the continuous training and the fartlek training the weather must be monitored to make sure that when sprinting for example the surface is not wet and slippery and the point of take off when running needs to be chose carefully on the correct surface and not when running around a corner but perhaps on a straight. All of these must be looked at so that each method of training can be completed successfully.

The final thing that could be looked at is if I have any injuries when attempting one of the three areas continuous, fartlek or circuit maybe I shouldnt push myself past the limit but still complete the exercises to prove my willingness and commitment. Each one of the areas within the programme will contribute towards an improvement in fitness levels, the continuous training will provide overload as your body is experiencing more running than before and will become used to that level of working out, the circuit training will help in all aspects of fitness as every part of the body is improving and your stamina levels are constantly rising because of this, the fartlek part gives a variety of sprints, jogs and walks which when referring to the S.P.O.R training principle gives specifity and also contributes to the gradual increase in fitness.

Cardiovascular fitness is also known as cardiovascular stamina aerobic power or aerobic capacity, it is the ability of the heart and lungs to transport oxygen to the working muscles as quickly as possible when exercising. Therefore before I start I must determine my current level of cardiovascular fitness. For this training programme I will complete all 3 of the areas fartlek, continuous and circuit to ensure the principles of training are covered and I achieve maximum improvement through this.

Cooper run

The cooper run consists of a 12 minute run around a 100 meter square circuit the idea for improvement in fitness is to achieve as many laps as possible within the time allowed, if on the first attempt I achieved 25 laps to say I have been successful and Improved my cardiovascular fitness the 2nd attempt at the end of the programme should see a clear difference in the two amounts of laps.

To ensure I complete it properly I will stretch before the run and cool down afterwards to ensure my muscles are warmed up and will not be damaged when I start the run. In this test I must run as far as I am able to within the 12 minutes allowed even if I need to slow down it is important to continue moving so my amount of laps will not be affected. It is a maximal test that measures aerobic capacity (i.e.-must cover as much ground as possible in the time allowed) my fitness level is established according to the distance run to the established norms for the test. To complete the test properly I will require the following equipment.

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