Ownership and Sense of Self: Argumentative Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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Every prosperous thinker of the world has different views on the relationship between ownership and sense of self. Differences arise in the prominent topic, theory, and thought of the sense of self identity. With all kinds of theories, I see ownership of intangible skills as a part of building a self identity. I see it as Jean-Paul Sartre sees ownership as being proficient in some skill as it can build a bridge with ownership and sense of self. I believe ownership and knowledge of any certain skill can certainly add to a sense of self identity, character identity, and an understanding the importance of learning a skill.

A sense of owning an intangible skill of an endless list is important towards a strong development with creating a sense of self. A lot of people wish for some sort of ownership, like a child wanting a toy or an adult wanting beneficial finances for themselves. Yet, do tangible items create what and who we are for ourselves instead of showing off to others? For me, learning and trying to master a skill, for example painting, is like an anchor because its not like an object that I can lose. This anchor can be beneficial to our development on learning and creating our identity. What I and others have learned and having an ownership over a skill can help develop and discover our sense of self.

Ownership also builds up a character in us as it intertwines with our sense of being development. We build ourselves, our lives, and our nations with having skills, as its sufficient for our sense of self. Accomplishing one or many types of skills is an endless journey, almost as if a path builds up for people to cater to their character building. For example, religions, like Buddhism, have such a linkage with our minds and with character buildings and having skills. Skills contribute to this sense people want to have as having skills gives accomplishment to one. Our identity and character are set on our sense of self owning an intangible and growing skill.

The sense of owning a skill or a type of knowledge is vital and important as well, as its beneficial for anything to get done for ourselves. For example, would having a lawyer without important and vital knowledge would be effective in defending a client in court? The lawyer would be worthless in helping you in this situation. Not only does owning a skill help with identification and a sense of self, it can help us in almost everything we need to accomplish. We need to learn and own skills, basic or difficult, for people to find their sense of self and to cater to our needs that accompany with the ideas of ownership intertwining with our sense of self.

Ownership is a step in the development of a sense of self, almost vital for lives. Owning a certain type of skill or knowledge can help finds ones identity, build character, and understand the importance of having intangible skills. Different views are out there, though they almost connect. Does owing anything, tangible or intangible, really play in our development of sense of self? A sense of ownership and a sense of self can almost determine what we identify with. Our identity intertwines skills with our sense of self.

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