OSHA and the Automotive Workplace Essay

Published: 2020-02-11 18:43:03
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There are materials used in the automotive industry that are considered highly combustible and can easily catch fire once exposed to such element. Proper handling should be studied well and implemented depending upon the flammability of the material. On the contrary, mishandling of these substances will present risks to peoples lives and assets damages. There are classifications made by the concerned agencies with respect to the types of handling risks.

A certain department in the United States regulated the shipping procedures of these highly flammable materials. Fire department directive allows containers up to 227 litres for material classes that are considered as explosives. These solvent containers are made up of metals intended for transport of these substances. For highly volatile and flammable materials, tight enclosures are applied to prevent leaks. Proper specifications are set by the concerned department including the maximum allowable amount for every container and other specified parameters.

After filling up the containers, proper labeling is the next step. Labeling should include the name of the substance inside the container and the class level of the material to be transported. Safety reminders and other precautionary signs should also be included in labeling the vessel of such highly flammable materials. Conditions of the materials that might cooperate seriously with combustible and flammable liquids must be store separately from them.

In particular, oxidizing subsances must be stored independently with other less hazardous to people. Whats more important to every engineer is that planning to build their career working on this line of business. Accidents are unavoidable but less regulated system in dealing with carriages of very sensitive substnaces would attract more of that. Risks can be avoided when all the rules and policies were followed thoroughly. By then, standardized approach can be done in handling highly flammable materials and substances.

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