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Published: 2019-12-22 01:51:38
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As a manager of Van Rensselaer Manor Nursing Home Rehabilitation Center, we now are going to propose a new addition of long-term care services along with still having services for short-term on an inpatient and outpatient basis. The future of our organizations growth internally and externally will demand how well we communication our abilities not only to our staff but to our surrounding community. We will be in need of new experience workers for physical therapy, counselors to work with patients and families, along with specialized doctors and nurses. Communication will be the number one factor in finding the right professionals for our organizations growth within the community. Our communication tactics need to be easily understood by all parties, and we need not use overpowering management terms so that employees think we are talking down to them. Effective communication means having everyone on the same page learning from one another while growing inside and outside the organization.

Leadership involves good communication among all ranks of the management team and staff. Coaching, mentoring and walking around the office each day getting to know your people personally and their working skills will improve the growth internally and externally of the organization. Effective internal communication starts with our organization having sufficient skills in listening, speaking, questioning and sharing feedback. As a manager, it is my job and my management team to ensure that the most important outcome from the above skills is conveying that we value hearing from others and them hearing from us.

Sharing information on a regular basis with the staff is effective communication and will keep the organizations mission number one in everyones goals. The main differences between internal and external company communications are the content and the audience. Internal communications include employees and shareholders, such as the companys board of directors or stockholders. External communications include clients, prospective customers and the public.

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