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Published: 2019-11-04 15:52:16
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Marketing. Terry Davenport is a senior vice-president of Starbucks who leads the marketing department. He oversees the sales organization structure, the marketing structure and cross-functional project teams with their own structure, effectively affecting the organizational structure of the organization as a whole.

Finance. Peter J. Bocian as the chief financial officer of the company under analysis. The financial function of the firm has access to key decision makers, and the structure of the company was created to force this. For instance, in the case of Starbucks, centralization became possible with new accounting technology.

Human Resources. The management of Starbucks human resources affect organizational structure in a way that these resources are overseen as one large structure that encompasses the entire firm with several smaller structures supporting the functions of recruiting, benefits and training.

Operations. As chief operating officer, Martin Coles of Starbucks adapts to the continuously evolving internal operations of the business, which impacts the organizational framework by having more structure. The operations function also helps to create and support a system of management hierarchy, authority, power and control.

Partner Resources. As executive vice-president and Partner Resources head, Chet  Kuchinad is able to affect organizational structure through the inclusion of organizational links connecting partners to the parent corporation that would then account for the accumulation of profits for reinvestment.

Technology. Chris Bruzzo, chief technology officer, influence organizational structure through linking mechanisms that facilitate lateral relations among the organizations many units such as the ones mentioned above. Research has shown that an IT-based change leads to a single impact or shift in organizational structure ” an intervention occurs and a new stable structure results (Earl, 1996).

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