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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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In todays world, everyone is always so busy and sometimes there is just not enough time in the day to get all your work done. Technology is changing to make everything in our lives easier; like the way we pay bills, online banking, find information, get reviews, order tickets, and so much more. One thing that technology has changed that is beneficial for everyone is the way we shop. Brick-and-mortar has always existed, but now with online shopping it has become a competition to the old-fashioned way. Most people spend their days at work, then come home to clean, cook dinner, help the children with homework, and get them ready for bed. With all that going on people sometimes forget things that they were supposed to do. So now instead of bothering to go to the store, you can comfortably sit on the couch and shop for what you need without all the hassle.

Online shopping is becoming more popular these days, because you can now get anything you want without leaving your home, it has many benefits, different sale opportunities, but there are also some inconveniences. When you are at the store, have you ever experienced one of those annoying and eager sales people trying to pressure you to buy a certain product that you have no interest in or just looking at? When shopping online you will not experience that problem any more. Online shopping has many advantages that benefit everyone, which going to the traditional store does not offer. Now you do not have to leave your home when you want to go to the store. You will not be wasting money on the gas to get there and back. Also when you shop online you never have to worry about the Internet closing (Top 10 Benefits Of Online Shopping, 2013).

Stores have a closing time, except Wal-Mart, and if you dont make it before closing you are out of luck until the next day. You will not have to worry about if the store is busy or if the lines will be long, because it will only be you on your computer. Online shopping is perfect if your town or state does not have the store that you love to shop at. Now you can get on the computer and still shop there without all the travel time. The best thing about online shopping is that there is normally more selection (Top 10 Benefits Of Online Shopping, 2013). If you went to the store already and if they did not have what you wanted any more, you could go online and there are normally more or different products you can pick from.

Another benefit to online shopping is sending gifts (Top 10 Benefits Of Online Shopping, 2013). If your friends or relatives live in a different state, instead of mailing a gift you can go online, buy the item, and have them ship it to the recipients home. When shopping online compared to going to the store, you will receive different promotion or discount opportunities. Instead of going to all the stores checking for the best price on a certain item, you can easily look at all the stores online without all the extra work (Top 10 Benefits Of Online Shopping, 2013). Unlike shopping in the store, when shopping online you can Google discount codes for that store and save more money with the codes they offer. If you find yourself online shopping at the same store frequently it would be a good idea to sign up for their e-mail list.

You will receive weekly codes free shipping and deals online that they do not normally have in the stores. Online shopping is marvelous to look at other peoples reviews on the product you are about to buy (Top 10 Benefits Of Online Shopping, 2013). If there are terrible reviews, you will save money by not choosing the poorly reviewed item. That benefit is not offered when shopping in the store. There are always inconveniences to trying to buy things online that you would not experience if you went to the store. If you are trying to buy clothing or shoes, you will have to know what your size is or you could order the wrong one. Most stores very in sizes, so it is not wise to order online if you are not familiar with your size from that particular store. When shopping for things like furniture or home dcor, it may be hard to tell the size or exact color so when you get that item you may not like it in person.

If you were shopping online for lotion, perfume, or makeup you may not like the scent, color, or feel of that product, but if you went to the store you would not deal with problem like that. Another thing that causes inconveniences is the shipping costs and the amount shopping time (Advantage & Disadvantage Of Shopping Online, 1993). Instead of wasting gas money, you have to spend money shipping the products to your house, and it could take days to get there. At that point you are only saving mileage on your car. When shopping online it will be important to know the return policy of that specific store, because all the stores are different. If you order something online, and you cannot return the item you are stuck with it no matter what (Advantage & Disadvantage Of Shopping Online, 1993). Also there can be an issue of not having a credit card.

If you are the type of person who chooses not to have one, then you cannot order items online. If you go shopping at the store you have the option of paying by cash, check, or credit card. If you do have a credit card and order online then you have to worry about identity theft and making sure that website has a secure checkout (Advantage & Disadvantage Of Shopping Online, 1993). Technology will continue to expand, help make our lives easier, and create less of a hassle. Brick and mortar will always be a way to shop, but online shopping will continue to grow and become more popular as technology adapts to the future.

When you online shop it makes your shopping time easier and shorter compared to brick-and-mortar shopping. You would not have to bother getting ready or driving there, you could sit in the comfort of your own home while ordering the items you need without leaving your home. Although brick-and-mortar shopping is better to actually see, touch, and try what you will buy, which is something online shopping does not offer (Advantage & Disadvantage Of Shopping Online, 1993). When shopping online it is easy to quickly find a coupon to save you some money, which is another thing you cant do in the store. Online or brick and mortar shopping, everyone has their own preference.

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