Online Teacing vs. Classroom Teaching Essay

Published: 2019-10-29 05:01:45
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Although it is very traditional for teachers to teach in a classroom, online teaching is rapidly becoming a very important factor in most colleges. Even though teaching in a classroom has its advantages, online teaching also has its advantages as well. Me personally, I would prefer to be in a classroom with an instructor teaching a class. This is because many individuals feel a stronger connection with their teachers and classmates when they are able to interact face to face. It benefits many individuals to see good teaching practices being demonstrated by their own teachers.

Teachers can also evaluate the different ways individuals are able to communicate. Also, students are trained hands-on according to the standards and regulations of their state, and can be confident of meeting their states requirements. Online classes are gaining more and more legitimacy and are fast becoming a legitimate alternative to traditional classes. Its a great asset because all students are required to participate in the class, and participation can be measured objectively. Therefore, nobody can skulk in the back of the room and not talk or dominate the conversation.

Classes can also be taken from anywhere that has computer access, so people dont have to put off their education because of distractions or lack of school access. Online courses emphasize reading, writing and discussion elements that are proven to be effective, and that students can use in their own classrooms. Students can do their classes and coursework at any time that is convenient, especially when traditional classes dont meet. Plus in todays society computer literacy is more and more a requirement on many jobs and in some classroom settings and online classes requires that students become computer literate.

Online classes tend to train future workers for general requirements that are accepted in every state. A student might be trained for certification in almost any state by taking online classes. The question of online teaching programs versus traditional teaching programs isnt usually a question of which offers the better education, but which education serves the students needs better. For those looking to be in that classroom environment, traditional might be better, but for those who have concerns over distance, convenience, or class participation, online classes may provide a solution that works for everyone.

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