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Published: 2020-02-09 00:03:00
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1. Background of the Study

The need for powerful and flexible data management systems is increasing in science, engineering, business and the personnel fields. The success of an organization depends on its ability to acquire accurate and timely data about its operation, to manage this data effectively, and to use it to analyze its own activities. Nowadays, web-based applications are widely used due to their ubiquity. This universal availability of information is sparking an era of collaboration. The Internet is neither an extraordinary communications tool nor revolutionary. It simply represents the current stage in the development of human capabilities through written language, which itself derived from the spoken form (Holmes, 2006). Given its current and potential growth, the Internet, which emerged as a powerful tool for information management, has become a prodigious avenue for e-commerce, offering transaction convenience and service efficiency.

Continuing innovation in technologies can lead to organizational changes that range from improvement of day-to-day operations and for easy access it provides for the end users (Forman, 2007). Many schools today have adapted this innovation. Among these are online services offered by the Western Mindanao State University ( and Far Eastern University ( Challenged for such innovation, a group of researchers have decided to conduct a study in Asian College of Technology (ACT), one of the academic institutions here in Cebu that offers ITE (IT Education) courses. Through potent marketing and advertisement strategy, the institution continues to soar its heights towards academic excellence and gains the hearts of some parents in all status, to send their children to college.

To meet the demands of the large number of employee and student population, a web-based enterprise system is proposed for the academic institution which includes different sub-systems that will cater the needs to improve its service, operation, processing and other transactions critical to the institution from the enrollment procedures, storing of student permanent records and accounts, student evaluation and as well as grade management. In lieu to this, the researchers divided the enterprise system into sub-systems and each member is assigned to a particular module.

The researcher decided to focus on proposing an online enrollment system which will soon enhance their enrollment process as part of the proposed web-based enterprise system. Though an existing enrollment client system, a desktop application has already been used to facilitate the student enrollment process but still a demand on a faster, systematic and more convenient way of student admission and enrollment procedures are technically vital.

The study considered the prevailing process of the institution and how the current process can be modified for a more efficient and effective enrollment system. One of the factors to be considered for the proposed system is the lack of manpower to accommodate numerous enrollees, the tedious task of filling up application or enrollment forms, the inaccuracies of information provided by the enrollees, the inefficiency of selecting subject schedules and the slow process of adjusting the schedules enrolled by the students. These factors cause enrollment delay, which really affects the impression of the institution towards its clients and as well as to the enrollment personnel.

2. Statement of the Problem

Asian College of Technology, as of 1st semester of SY 2012-2013, has increased its student population. The problems arises during the enrollment period were prevalent as those really affect the impression of the institution. The system seeks to solve the following problems: ¢ Lack of manpower to accommodate large number of enrollees; ¢ Tedious task of filling up and submission of application or enrollment forms; ¢ Inaccuracies of information provided by the enrollees; ¢ Inefficiencies of selecting subject schedules by the enrollment personnel to the enrollees; and ¢ Delay and tiresome processing of schedule adjustments. In order to help students and enrollment personnel to overcome the mentioned difficulties, the researcher came up with an idea of enhancing the existing enrollment procedures through an online enrollment system.

1.3 Goals and Objectives

The main objective of this research is to design an online enrollment system as a response of the encountered difficulties during the course of the enrollment period. Furthermore, it specifically aims to: ¢ Provide availability of the system via web to facilitate preliminary enrollment procedures; ¢ Provide a user-friendly interface in filling up student information without the hassle of queuing; ¢ Improve accuracy by providing user data validation features; ¢ Improve efficiency by providing the student a user-interface to select the desired subject schedules; ¢ Minimize delay for processing of schedule adjustments by providing the students a ubiquitous and better system via web without the hassle of queuing.

4. Significance of the Study

The proposed study will be beneficial to the following:

¢ Schools: It serves as an essential and efficient tool for improving the current enrollment procedures. ¢ Enrollment Personnel: It will provide them better facilitation, customer service and better technical assistance to student enrollees. ¢ Students: It will give an elated impression to them since the system provides convenient and hassle-free features for enrollment transactions. ¢ Researchers: It will help them in the field of automating and improving current systems and set them to discover things where technology is involved. The system provides them the opportunity to apply their skills and be able to share their knowledge through system development.

¢ Future Researchers: This may open doors for researchers related to enhance and improve online enrollment system utilizing latest and current web technologies. Further, this will serve as a useful reference and guide for further research and develop their own projects. ¢ Readers: The study may serve as valuable reference for further studies on how systems are developed and designed. Further, this may motivate them to be in the technical field and will aid them in the development of their own projects in the near future.

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