One flew over the cuckoos nest Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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She d- did. He looked around him. And M-M-McCarthy! He did And Harding! And the-the- the rest! They t-t-teased me, called me peg. 302) They m-m-made me! Please, M-Miss Ratchet, they may-may-May”l(Keyes peg. 302) McCarthy is shown as a martyr like Jesus was because the patients really dont become free until he dies. Before the treatment Is administered to him McCarthy climbs on the table without help and spreads his arms out to hit the shadow.

A witch snaps the clasps on his wrists, ankles, clamping him Into the shadow (Keyes peg. 272) When the graphite salve is put on his temples and they tell him its a conductance he says Emollients my head with conductance. Do I get a crown of thorns (Keyes peg. 272) They also give him a rubber hose to bit on, Just as Christ was given a sponge soaked in vinegar to suck on. As Christ saved mankind from sin and taught them to have hope in an eternal life. McCarthy saves the patients from the repressive society and teaches them to have hope in themselves.

In conclusion, those were my reasons of why I think that the Christ imagery in this book is effective. Firstly, when the fishing trip was planned and McCarthy went with Bits turning on McCarthy near the end by admitting that he was part of Mushroom plan was like Judas admitting that he was involved with Jesus. Thirdly, towards the end of the story McCarthy is a martyr Just like Jesus because the patients arent free until he dies. That is how Christ imagery is effective in One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest.

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