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Published: 2020-02-14 22:51:24
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In assessment of online and classroom (on-ground) knowledge gives specific students that has interest according to how they learn. Taking online classes for me works so much better because I can go at my own pace. After doing some research online I found that there is a debate regarding the matter of online classes vs. traditional classrooms. At a point in time I recently had a debate on their opinion in classroom learning and the online classes. Their opinion has given me a better understanding on the format in relation with on ground classroom setting. Although I feel strongly about my online courses my friend says they will never stop attending school on site. As I continue on I will state the difference of the classroom setting, online classes, and the summary response towards from the textbook. As well as, give some example of the differences between older and younger students attending traditional classroom and online classes.

The classroom setting has human contact which might be better for interaction purposes. With the professor there in person they can better explain things that might get misunderstood through typing in an email or on the class discussions. This could also be said for the classmates in your class, who are trying to make their point understood. A classroom for some has less distraction which makes it easier to do class work, reading assignments, and homework that may not get done due to work schedule or lifes unexpected turns. Also a classroom setting has more of a community feeling, everyone bands together to understand one another and their differences. For example, when youre asked to participate in group activities you try and co-inside with your teammates in order to get a reasonable grade even if your opinions are different.

As an online student I find it very easy to study and process all information that is needed. Being able to work on my own and on my own pace is challenging, but not able to physically to get hands on help from an instructor is complicated. Having trouble with some problems and school questions can be very complicated due to the fact that speaking with an instructor through email and not receiving the information right way or getting direction makes it really hard to get a better understanding on how things can be done. Last but not least receiving information is not enough because the due date for assignments for class is not the same for online courses. Making an effort to continue with education is had when I am in need with extra help. Positive outlook on this is being able to work and still spend all the time I can with my children.

In summary of the text question is that I have learned in my online course being that it is very hard and challenging, but the passion I have to better my childrens future as well as for myself. Starting online classes has scared me because of the fact that I really thought it was going to very advance with no help. Being that I have already started this course I have came to understand that online is not as hard as I made it seem in the beginning. I am very interested due to the fact that I already have a plan for my families future. Showing that I have the passion to care for my family and to be the provider that I am gives me the power to finish in something I started by working, online classes, and being the single mother that I am. Continuing on with this course I am able to speak to my fellow classmates as well as for the tutor we have online to process all information. These are some summaries that I have on this course.

In conclusion I have notice that I carry many thoughts in this subject. The audience that have received they have a busy life just like myself. Letting them know that this subject is hard but hard work pays off also being able to spend time with work and family while being enroll in school. An online class gives you the opportunity to be able to live normal life but process all information that is needed. My audience has given me questions that I have asked myself how I can get help when the responses are not as immediately response that we need. The purpose of this subject s being able to process all information that is needed to get through a better writing skill and having a better way to be more accurate in all materials. The end results is to being able to write all my writing materials a lot better than before, more meaningful, and have better ability to write all papers. With this is a gives me understanding in difference of the online classes to just make the choice to continue on a path of achievement.

According to Carron Jackson, for those of us who are 18-21 we may be better in a college campus because of the social atmosphere it provides. She also states that for those of us who are older and have families and jobs, college is viewed as an education not a social life. Jackson continues with the common reasons as to adults returning to school and 18-21 year olds enrolling in school. She says that adults go back to get higher salary, career advancement and personal growth. 18-21 year olds go because of the pressures from parents, teachers, guidance counselors, for parties with peers, and an actual desire for higher learning to earn a college degree. This debate could continue on until we are blue in the face, some like online classes other prefer traditional classrooms. I really think it has to do with comfort and our learning styles.

In conclusion, I have learned that just from my experience alone both ways of studying for me is better on ground classes. Being that everybody learning habits are best understood as a student on an on ground class this will show in the difference of the grade. With this capability we as individuals learning is a great thing, but knowing that learning ways fits well with what helps each person at the end of it all. In many points for me my grade is better as an on ground class then in online classes even though I enjoy both studying moments.

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