Old Games vs. New Games Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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In the past, there were old people who are telling the stories of children who were playing in the streets, parks and gardens, but now, their grandchildren cannot be seen at those places anymore. As old people remember there were games which depend on good feelings such as love, respect and friendship. There is a strong possibility that much of people can remember seksek. It was played with a stone and area that covered with lines which refer boundries of areas, especially girls loved this game. Also, saklambac can be remembered by a lot of people.

It was such a gamet that one person turning back and others hiding somewheres , and after counting child trying to find others. Now,there are several games that are played by using computer. For example , counter strike alegend among children and call of duty both depend on strategy of war. Can you see anymore children who are playing old games ? There are two differences betweeen games children play now and those they used to play. To begin with, todays World supllies several opportunities that causes extinction of old games.

Firstly, development of technology has caused bad effects in this extinction. Last 20 years, technology has developed so rapidly that something produced today can be old tomorrow, and this development continues to increase. Due to this development , almost every child has computer or technological devices , and they are playing their games inside four walls, and this condemness will accelarate soon. Moreover , the games that are played by children are designed according to be got stuck them into yhe screens.

Another effect is that today there are not enough playing areas for people who want to play outside. Almost everywhere on the World there is a transformation. People especially rich people are constructing more and more buildings. This results in decreasing in areas that children can play games. This decreasing is jailing people into their houses. Furthermore, there is a great demolition against forest that provides oxygen for people. All over the World people who want to gain more places are destructing forests.

This decreases the areas that is very important for people. Also, people are searching new planets to live in, but they do not save their own planet. Another great difference between past games and present games is psychological changes on people. Firstly, major change on games is that present games introduce different feelings. Past games were depending on good feelings such as creativity, love and peace, but now almost every game depends on violence, attack and war and these topics attract people. This causes to death of good feelings.

Moreover, present games imply bad feelings. Egoism can be tought for this feelings. It seperates people. Secondly, another major difference between past and today games;today , threre are several devices that provide some experience that people cannot imagine. Game companies are creating such games. If you play these games, you can think that this is real and your body can feel it, your heartbeats incease, you sweat in fear moments. Furthermore, there are several simulations and they can be thought real while taking that simulations.

All in one, two differences between games children play now and those they used to play has emerged. Opportunities which are provided by the new World and psychological on people can be thought for these two differences. Moreover, technological development and not enough playing areas has triggered these changes. Everything is changing in nature, and it is reasonable to expect that soon games that people will play in future can be diffirent from those they are being played now.

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