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Published: 2019-10-31 14:40:12
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A. Objectives:
To obtain knowledge in the real situation of the environment of chosen field and acquire experiences that can be used when we become an engineer. Specific Students will adjust to working, and they will gain invaluable experience that they can take with them as they move forward with future careers and education. To apply the theories and computations that they have learned from the school. It also helps the students to acquire relevant knowledge and skills by performing in actual work setting. To prepare the students in the real life situation of the profession being chosen.



Training on Estimate

Training on Site Inspectioning

Training on Punchlisting

Training on Supervision of the construction works


Simplified Construction Estimate by: Max B. Fajardo Jr. (Third Edition)

Planning and Designers Handbook by: Max B. Fajardo Jr. (Third Edition)

Strength of Materials by: Andrew Pytel and Ferdinand L. Singer (Fourth Edition)


1. Significant Achievements

. I have learned many things that supposed to do in site constructing interior layout of the building, like how to do punch listing, inspection of the material to be used in ceiling because there are different acoustic board that is to be used in every part of the room, and doing as-built plan. Those are what I have done in my internship that I consider my achievement in my internship because even though I have encountered difficulties in doing it, I finished the work given to me. 2. Technical skills and new technology learned

Since I am in a company that focused on renovation and interior layout I was not able to encounter new technologies rather more on technical skills, just like learning new command in operating auto-cad, doing sketch-up, and as-built plan. And estimating an architectural and structural plan.

3. Equipment, machinery testing apparatus, etc., handled

I was not able to handle machinery testing apparatus since I am more on technical works.

4. Experiences with the company personnel Involved in the training

My first day as intern is not that easy, mixed with excitement and unexplainable fear, it is my first time to enter the reality of our chosen field. At first, our supervisor oriented me on what to do and exposed to other employees as well. As the days pass by, I learned to adapt new things with this kind of environment. All the staff and engineers are approachable so I can ask them things that I want to know.

5. Strong points

Good communication and supervising skills are my strong points. I can handle labourers with different attitudes.

6. Weak points and suggested solutions

One of my weak points is that I dont have the confident of doing things on my own, I always relay to my co-intern because Im afraid to commit mistakes and be punished. But then as I already adapted to the flow of the work I have learned to do my task on my own.


Potential of the company as a training ground

During my stay at the company as intern, I can say that it has a potential to be a training ground for an aspiring engineers. There are things that are not taught in school that they taught us, and the thing is that they it is not just based on some book but they actually taught us of what is really happening in an actual situation based on their experience. They gave me task that is related to my course.

Suggestions for the improvement of the training program

With regards to the training program, I suggest to have a website or e-mail where in we are able to send a day to day or weekly report online. This is for the students to have an easy way of sending and compiling of their day to day activity. In addition, it also help the coordinator to monitor the students under the on the job training programs.

Advise to future On-the-Job Trainees

As an advice for those who are going to take their On-the-job training, be more attentive to what the trainee is teaching, it might not be necessary for now as a student but as you go along or after you graduated and start to work you can use the knowledge you have obtain during your training.

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