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Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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In the first two weeks of my internship, I was able to develop a sense of diligence in every work assignment given to me. Adding extra care means being always attentive to the present situation, keeping the mind focused with what is currently handled, getting particular with every single detail without missing anything. This is the first thing that I must remember while working on the computer such as encoding financial data and other relevant information. I learned about the basic terms and concepts associated in different activities which are helpful in understanding its relation to other transaction and work. Lastly, I learned about some rules and procedures that should be strictly exercised and practiced. Sometimes, I was stuck with ample works to do all at the same time. At first, I found it so hard considering which task must be given priority that I forgot some other things undone.

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However, I am already acquainted with the routine and can manage to handle different works efficiently and effectively all at the same time, with fewer worries as to committing errors. Upon working with the activities above, I knew about many benefits that the SSS have offered to those covered members who already qualify to claim them, such as retirement, death, permanent disability, funeral, sickness and other benefits. When you are new to something and have less idea with what you are supposed to do it, waiting for an order or request is way too better for the meantime than doing things you dont know anything about. As of now, I get all works done smoothly with minimum of supervision. Once a piece of paper is placed on the table, I immediately work my hands on it.

This far, I learned about the schedule of employees and employers contributions in connection to their monthly salary credit and monthly contributions. I was able to do a certain work less than the required time effectively and efficiently. We are taught about the registration of the self-employed members that within 30 days from the practice of profession and business operation, he/she shall register to the SSS his name, age, civil status, occupation, average monthly net income and dependents.

Everything does not merely revolve around the work alone all the time. So far, Ive bee an already familiar with the organizations culture, work ethics, rules and policy, and values which I should conform myself to as being temporarily part of the organization. I was made to realize that the scope of our work should only be limited to what our supervisor had instructed us to do, regardless of how much I know it. Sometimes, we make things and decisions in our own when we think were good at it without prior consultation to the one in authority. I disregard the possibility that somebody else might be held accountable for whatever consequences my own acts would have resulted.

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