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Published: 2019-10-26 06:12:54
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Many of the characters in Of Mice and Men have dreams. What are their dreams, and how near are any of them to achieving what they want? Many people dreamed of the American dream, the dream to be their own boss, to not go to work one day if they didnt want to, to achieve what ever they desired and to be happy with it for the rest of their life. Lennie and George seemed to have that dream for quite a while as Lennie can remember it very vividly, that is maybe the only thing that he did remember, and all the rest just went through one ear and out the other.

Slim was one if they boys that we could see was happy how things were in his life, he was greatly respected through the ranch, as Candy points out to us Slim dont need to wear no high heeled boots on a grain team. This shows us that slim is greatly valued and people know that he has power. The boss and Curly seem to be happy with their situation, that the boss has a ranch of his own and subsequently it will be Curlys.

Curlys wife also had a dream that failed to come true, she tells Lennie while he was in the barn, after the pup was killed, she tells Lennie that, she met a man who promised her she would be in the movies, and as that was her dream, she believed him 100% and she believed him so much that she thought that he really remembered and that her mother stole it form her, she was so sure that she was going to achieve her ambition, but I think that deep down she knew that the man had not mailed the letter, and that her mother had actually stolen anything, it just hadnt ever been real.

She had been regaling Lennie with her story, but Lennie was just thinking about his dream, of looking after the rabbits and having his own place with George and Candy. I think that George and Lennie were never close to achieving it, George had told Lennie so many times about the dream I think that maybe he started to believe it as well, but maybe if he had a moment to think properly by himself, hw would realise that it would never come true, George had really start to believe it when Candy said that he had 500 in his bank and that they could see that it was maybe possible, then George thought he could achieve it.

We know that it is a very little chance of them achieving their dream because of Lennie and his child like abilities. I think that George and Lennie need each other emotionally, because if they were lonely then, they would basically be like Curlys wife lonely and bitter, because they had nobody to talk to, and as this book was written in the Depression stage of America it meant a lot that George and Lennie had each other as many people had no one and so that made quite a lot of impact on the book.

Crooks also plays an important role in the book, as he has had his own piece of land, and Crooks was very lonely, as he was black he was isolated from the rest of the guys in the ranch, just for being black, they often referred to him as the nigger, some of the men had clearly no respect for Crooks, but Crooks had been on his own for so long that he didnt really care any more, when Lennie walked in to his room, while the other men were in town, Crooks was bitter to him at first because if he wasnt allowed in the bunk house with the other men.

He thought that Lennie had no right being in his room, after realising Lennie did not no about racism, Crooks warmed to him a little bit but then became spiteful, by saying, what if one day George left or some one hurt him, realising that Lennie was a strong man, and he knew that he had upset him, Crooks was sure not to talk bout that any more.

But sure enough for that little time that Lennie was sitting in Crooks room, crooks seemed happy that he had somebody to talk to, after he had finished shouting, as he realised that it wasnt Lennies fault that they treated him bad. After Lennie killed Curleys wife Lennie was extremely frightened, he knew that George would be very mad, and Lennies child came out, he though that he would hide the pup, he said Its bad enough as it is he thinks that it will make it better if he throws the pup away, that George will not be that mad.

Lennie killing Curleys wife had been the very last straw to the dream, George knew that the dream would never ever come true, and he knew it from beginning, Lennie was still thinking about the dream, even after killing Curleys wife, tell me like you done before.

I think that that Steinbeck made their dream fail, as not every bodys dream came true, and because of Lennie childish behaviour he had messed it up, and in real life if some one had done sum thing like that, it just makes your dream a hole lot harder to accomplish, and maybe it would even put an final end to it, and Lennie had done that a long time ago, but this time it was more obvious. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE John Steinbeck section.

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