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Published: 2019-11-04 15:31:27
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1. Old fire extinguisher in office area. (Fire regs.)

2. no fire alarm system in office and ware house

3. Heaps of PPE on the ground obstructive entrance to fire extinguishers and moreover fire exit. (Fire regs.)

4. Remove rods of steel being used as doorstops in office area (Tripping hazards).

5. Various tools and equipment of outdoor work put away nearby office zone and beneath counters. (PUWER).

6. No correct dispenser placement and no hand wash area near office.

7. Old printer and cartons of printer paper left on floor and right next to fixed electric heater, (Fire and manual handling regs).

8. A number of mobile chargers under office chair with tangled cables. Also connected to the power supply with no batteries charging. (Electricity and fire regs.)

9. Carton of vaporized cans put away beneath office desk nearby electrical plugs. (PUWER)

10. Outdoor Waste paper bins overflowing. (Welfare issue).

11. Various tools of outdoor work equipment being stored around office area and under desks. (PUWER).

12. Wall attached first aid kit absent, support cracked. First aid kit not in its correct placed. (MHSWR).

13. Old work walking boot and gloves in poor state lying nearby shelves. (PPE regs.)

14. Cleaning chemicals nearby the electric supply socket afterward to 6 volt batteries. (MHSWR).

15. Various swab buckets and vacuum cleaner sitting just inside store room door, not properly stored. Tripping hazards.

16. Drinking water dispenser in adjoining area is out of order, only tap water available for drinking. Welfare and PUWER issue

17. Heavy material stacked up outdoor the store at ground level.. (Manual handling regs.)

18. Shelving in the warehouse not being used appropriately with a number of tools and equipment stacked up on the floor obstructive entrance to the shelves. (MHSWR).

19. At the entrance to the building stairs railing has turn out to be un-attached at the base. (Tripping hazard).


Noticeably observable fire exit signs and glow in the dark signs to walls showing sites of fire extinguishers.

Safety warning sign board demonstrating HSE poster, firms certificate of legal responsibility insurance and all related safety notices

Well lit and ventilated office area, good appropriate temperature.

Wall attached hand cleaners, all kept clean and tidy.

Ample shelving for accurate P.P.E. storage.

Install new fire extinguisher/s in office.
Assessment fire risk valuations.

Install proper alarm system in office to reduce the risk of damages

Remove all PPE from the floor and keep fire exit clear.
Monitor the area to ensure fire exit remains free from obstructions at all times.

Remove rods of steel from the office block
Keep all entrances shut wherever possible and must installed proper door stops.

Observe the situation to make sure no more rods of steel are carried hooked on the office block.

Keep hand cleaners installed.
Install correct hand wash dispenser

Change old printers on top of its desk and put printer paper into paper closet. Old printers repaired or detached and properly disposed of.

Remove chargers from power supply as soon as not in usage and have cables free from twisting. Similarly not to be port under chairs. Appropriate placement of chargers to be put in storage

Remove spray cans from office area and into store room.
Passing staff on the significance of protection vaporizers (spray can) away from electrical plugs.

Empty the bins and clean the floors.
Ensure bins are emptied on a regular basis.
Spring-cleaning duties between supervise to make sure outdoor adjoining area remain clean and tidy.

Remove outdoor work equipment from office and into the correct store. Ensure foot areas under desks remain free from obstructions.

Ensure first aid kit is accessible for usage by all employees Change the support so first aid kit can be give back to its accurate location.

Organize of any old idle P.P.E.
Ensure all P.P.E. is kept clean and changed as and when necessary.

Properly place the chemicals not near to electric supply must have a specific storing area; Batteries are not stored near any cleaning products.

Arrange for a clear out and tidy of store room, removing and obstructions from the door area. Assign a cleaning schedule to staff to ensure store room remains in good order.

Arrange for water dispenser to be repaired or replaced and ensure fresh drinking water is available. Arrange for the water dispenser to be serviced by a professional to prevent future problems.

Move heavy tools and material onto appropriate shelving inside warehouse and store at abdomen level to avoid labour-intensive handling injuries from bending. Make sure work tools is kept properly place at all times and not left outdoor somewhere it might reason damages.

Tidying the warehouse and organize of any non-waste materials. Use the shelving for suitable storing of tools and supplies to have ground space clear.

Make momentary reparation while waiting for to hire for a skilled welder to make a long-lasting renovation of the railing.

No action required, very good practise for emergencies with power outage.

Good put into practise. Conceivably elect a member of supervise to be in responsibility of bring up-to-date notices.

Monitor temperatures and regulate timers accordingly as average temperature changes throughout the year. Re-fill all skin care slot machine as and when required.

Good chosen room for P.P.E. storage, P.P.E in good condition.

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